20 Sep 2010 - 11:06am
6 years ago
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Sean Pook

London design agencies with strong Silverlight experience

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a London-based design/build agency that has a strong track record working with Silverlight in particular?


Sean Pook


Looking for Interaction Designers with Advertising Background! Interested? Please e-mail me directly:

  • Are you a creative person who is always thinking of cool ways to leverage new technology into ideas?

JOB: Sr. UX Strategist (multiple openings) - Houston, TX - Contract and/or Full Time

User Experience (UX) Strategist

The User Experience (UX) Strategist will be responsible for
collaborating with other UX team members and the Creative and
Technology teams to define the overall User Experience for a given
project. The UX Strategist will work to understand user goals,
business goals, technology parameters and design constraints to
create a user experience that will deliver success.

12 Oct 2009 - 5:20pm
Ariel Spaulding

Designer / Developer Workflow - Silverlight & Flash night with Interact.

Hello all,

I'm part of a local usergroup called Interact: Seattle's
Developer/Designer Interaction group.

14 Apr 2009 - 3:31am
Mat Atkinson

JavaFX vs. AIR or Silverlight

There was a recent thread on the pros and cons of Silverlight vs.

I would be interested in hearing people's views about how JavaFX
compares as a RIA framework.

9 Apr 2009 - 11:56am
7 years ago
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Greg Petroff

Adobe Air / MS Silverlight... what's next

If you are working with Air or Silverlight ... where do you think it's
going? What is the current state of the tools? There yet? Not? How do we
see these changing what we do?

Love a discussion on what changes with them? What's the same? Are they
harder to build and develop then other alternatives? What do they mean
for the programmers/developers we work with?

Personal interest here:

Looking for examples of AIR and Silverlight that mimic a singular
environment...i.e. almost like creating your own os with its own
behaviors, affordances etc.

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