13 Sep 2011 - 10:19am
4 years ago
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Sachin Ghodke

Bold Highlights in a letter emailer. How effective are they?

I am working on an emailer in a letter format to be sent to different promotional industry clients. 

I have two options to format the letter in.

1) Highlight certain salient points within the letter.
These are many and the letter looks like its a mistake and it gets confusing to understand if the letter is in bold or in regular font.

2) Without highlighting the important points in the letter. 
This one reads as a simple letter without formatted text.

8 Mar 2010 - 12:21pm
6 years ago
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Quince is a UI/UX/IxD pattern explorer that gives designers and developers new and better ways to discover and find design patterns that can help them make better design decisions and more easily communicate the rationale and implementation details for the choices they make.  Quince Pro is a premium design tool/service that enhances and builds upon what folks get for free in the community version.

19 Oct 2009 - 1:29am
6 years ago
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Murray Thompson

Golden oldies: pre-web-era book recommendations

We have a lot of great communication and design-related books
published in last 15 years, but there are others from 30+ years ago
whose content still rings true. Sometimes they may speak even more
loudly than when they were first published and remind us that many
concepts we're exploring today aren't always so new after all.

Some like those from Marshall McLuhan, Edward de Bono, and
Christopher Alexander are still talked about and mentioned once and a

21 Jul 2009 - 5:29am
7 years ago
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City experience

Has anyone provided UX / usability services to a city or local council,

- Road / sidewalk design and maintenance
- Road signs - locations, standards, maintenance
- Navigation signs - to local sites, main roads, points of interest
- Traffic calming
- Pedestrian crossings
- Shared spaces
- and in general, how to make cities more walkable, safe, and a great
place to live.

I'd like to hear your experiences, war stories, and how you convinced the
city that they needed you (or did they "get it" from the start?)


Rob Epst

30 Apr 2009 - 6:23pm
7 years ago
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Elena Melendy

[EVENT] Tue 5/19 Save the Date for Dan Brown!

NYC UPA is pleased as punch to announce that our May event will
feature Dan Brown (yes, that's *the* Dan Brown), principal at
EightShapes. He'll be presenting on the general topic of business

Dan will be speaking on the evening of 5/19. Salient details will be
revealed shortly. Please watch our website at

Or join our Facebook group at to be among
the first notified.

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