14 May 2009 - 3:05pm
Mark McKay

Starting a local IXDA group in Ottawa ON, Canada

I am creating a local IXDA group in Ottawa ON, Canada.

If you are interested in joining send me an email at:

mark.mckay at ic.gc.ca with "local IXDA" in the subject line.


Mark McKay
Interaction Design Team Lead
Interaction Design Group
Industry Canada

14 May 2009 - 2:47am
7 years ago
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R. Groot

User experience disciplines :: the lost diagram

Hi all,

I hope you can help me out here. About three years ago I found this
wonderful diagram which put ALL disciplines together that come into play
when developing User Experience (for the web?). I think it was inspired by
the famous diagram by Jesse James.

What did it look like:
- one page with all disciplines as circles distibuted over the page
- if I remember correctly, the organization of these circles was set to the
different steps in the process (like those in JJ's diagram)
- the circles were colourful on a dark background

Anybody seen such a thing and knows where to find it?

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