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If you're a local leader, and you've ever felt like you see the same people at every meeting, or you only see different people at every meeting and they've never heard of IxDA, or you're tired of running meetings but there's no-one to take over, this is for you.

If you attend local meetings, and you've ever felt like your local group doesn't meet enough, or the topics aren't relevant enough, or it's hard to find a job in town, or you don't know enough people, or you're the smartest person in the room all the time, or everything is always over your head, this is for you.

16 Jun 2009 - 5:48am
7 years ago
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Setting up local group in Birmingham, UK

Hello. I have taken the first step of starting a local group in
Birmingham, UK. I am now looking for IxDA folk in the local area who
will be interested in helping me get this up and running. I will be
looking to represent the Midlands as this is the only local group in
the area.

I would like to hear from local leaders from other areas to hear how
you grew your local area. What challenges did you face? What has
worked well? What has not worked so well?

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