28 Feb 2012 - 10:08am
3 years ago
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Working with Subject Matter Experts (SME's)

I currently work with Medical Software, after having been in consumer oriented software for years. Working with SME's has proven to be very difficult as Clinicians. Developing a working relationship so that each role is getting the benefit of each others expertise, rather than dis-trusting each other is key.

Are there any great reports, experiences suggestions?


19 Jan 2012 - 12:05am
Michal Kopec

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16 Jun 2009 - 6:44am
7 years ago
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Niklas Mortensen

Recommendations for icon-designers?

Currently working on a suite of web-apps (CMS, CRM, task- and
project-management etc). The UI is in large part going to be
white-labeled by the various clients and consequently the little
graphics that are going to be universally present will in large part
set the visual tone of the apps.

I've been searching the good ol' interweb for the above-mentioned
resources, but was wondering if anyone here has any good
recommendations for talented icon designers suited for this kind of

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