7 Jul 2011 - 3:23pm
Lisa Rex

Community-driven quality control on site content

Does anyone have an experience with collecting feedback on content quality on large, community-driven sites? I see that the IXDA site is using "flag" to vote up and mark as "inappropriate", but I want to hear about collecting more actionable feedback, much like the Get Satisfaction widget is doing.

In particular, it's for, where anyone can create content, but managing it is much more challenging!



14 Jul 2009 - 12:44pm
7 years ago
6 replies
Becky Reed

Writing for Information Scent?

...perhaps a bit off topic asking a content development question in here, but I was hoping since interaction has so much...well, interaction with content that perhaps someone might have insight they'd be willing to share.

Much of the work I've found around information foraging/scent, goal-oriented design, and mental models resonates well with IA and IxD folks, but I've struggled to get it to resonate with content developers.

Does anyone have personal experience translating or possibly seen anything published that translates the HOW (process, steps, what the difference is) of information sce

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