22 May 2014 - 3:37pm
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The E.W. Scripps Company hiring passionate UI/UX Developer

The E.W. Scripps Company is seeking a User Experience/Interface Developer to join Scripps Digital. You will work in conjunction with interaction designers, visual designers and user researchers to provide users with the best possible experience and be a strong advocate for User Experience within The E.W. Scripps Company.

Which prototyping software is best for interactive prototypes? Axure, iRise ... other?

I want to find a great interactive prototyping tool.

Note that I said "interactive."  Interactive wireframes are fine; but static wireframes are not.

Clean, production-ready code is not necessary. I don't need collaboration or documentation features.  Flow diagrams are only a plus.

Which tools should I spend the time to research?  iRise?  Axure?  Others?

Susan Oslin

Web Design Masterclass, August 16

The Sidebar Creative team (Dan Rubin, Steve Smith, Bryan Veloso, Jonathan Snook) has a one day workshop in LA - Web Design Masterclass on August 16. They already did two workshop and received amazing reviews. It's a full-day hands-on workshop on Photoshop, CSS and HTML5 and Javascript. More details at http://www.sidebarworkshops.com. You can see comments from the Philly workshop in Twitter if you search #sbwphl

The early bird rate ends on June 28, so now is the time for the lowest price ($495).

18 Apr 2011 - 12:14pm
5 years ago
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Jef Lippiatt

Metrics or Experience related to making Tealeaf play nice with jQuery?

I am looking for some insight or information on how to make jQuery work within the framework of Tealeaf.

I know that jQuery is a widely adopted javascript library and that many large companies use Tealeaf to track metrics. There has been some concern raised that jQuery scripts will break the Tealeaf tracking from the back end and that we will lose start to end transactions for tracking: drop offs, click rates, etc.

25 Aug 2010 - 1:19pm
5 years ago
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A hybrid prototype — the holy grail of wireframing

After reading through Zaki Warfel's Prototyping, I hoped it would shed light on the most effective techniques. It was a very good read and included some invaluable insights on progressively iterating from paper models to high fidelity designs. It's led me to make some assertions about prototyping tools...

23 Jun 2010 - 1:16pm
6 years ago
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Coldfusion 9 & JQuery


I am trying to tie Coldfusion backend with jQuery front end. I am having a difficult time finding resources that are easily understandable. Does anyone know of simple and effective tutorials that tell you how to communicate with a database via Coldfusion and jQuery? Any input is valuable and if someone knows the answer to my question off hand, I am open to learning.



31 Mar 2010 - 5:13pm
6 years ago
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Carrie Ford Hilliker

On the hunt for fantastic html/jquery/css experts...

Does anyone have suggestions? I'm specifically in need of a developer for a current project, with potential for more in the future. Location is not an issue as I work remotely 100% of the time.


18 Jan 2010 - 8:39am

JOB: Front end developer, Digital Music Startup, Mumbai (India), Permanent

Job Details: Requirements and Skills:

1) Minimum of 1-3 years experience in developing web pages using
HTML/CSS and Javascript
2) Proficiency in working with Photoshop, Javascripts & HTML tools
like Dreamweaver and GoLive
3) Prospective candidates will be asked to provide a portfolio of
their work and sample URLs


1) Develop web pages using HTML, CSS or Javascript framework as
2) Integration with the Back-end, Php
3) Candidates should be quick learners and be able to apply best
practices with minimum support
4) Must be extremely attentive to detail
5) Must be

29 Jul 2009 - 9:09am
7 years ago
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Sam Menter

toggle on / off design pattern


Can anyone point me in the direction of a useable design pattern for
an on / off toggle switch to be used online ie using JS / html / css
rather than flash? I'm working on an application that currently uses
colour coding to indicate whether an option is active or not. This
works in the real world i.e. the red light comes on when recording,
but obviously bad for accessibility online due to the different ways
people see colours.

For example, one option in this case is record.

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