23 Feb 2010 - 1:22am
6 years ago
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Question about Visual Design Solutions

I'm an experienced web/graphic designer making a lateral move into
the User Interface realm and have just landed an opportunity to
design a small but important CMS system for a client.
My question is: is there an expected number of versions or examples
of user interface visual design solutions/directions clients expect?
In the graphic design realm the expectation was to offer three
solutions and then further develop the chosen one.
Does anyone have any experiences to offer or guidelines they've
found particularly helpful? I have to offer a proposal to the client
in a few days.
Thank you!

6 Aug 2009 - 4:32pm
7 years ago
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David B. Rondeau

Just Because You Can Innovate Doesn\'t Mean You Should

In a recent blog post, Hugh Beyer raised an interesting concept. He
said, "Innovation is easy...the hard part is actually acting on the

I work with Hugh at InContext Design, and based on my experience
working with many design teams, I think he's right. After reading
his post, it got me thinking about how this impacts our work as

At InContext, it affects how we run our design projects and the
design solutions we recommend.

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