10 May 2011 - 5:44pm
5 years ago
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nancy ann falkenburg
2010 visual user interface designer

we are looking for rockin' visual interface designer for  

will relocate (from New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami, Chicago -- anywhere we find great talent :) 

please contact me for details: nancy falkenburg,

( )

iPhone: 650/336.3645



JOB LOCATION: Mountain View, California 94040 (650 area code)

JOB TITLE: Senior Visual Interface Designer (71214) 


Bill Bernstein

Sketching tools & methods for UI concept, visual design, flow of interaction

Hello, Pittsburgh community. There have been a number of successful threads on the main IxDA discussion forum, debating the merits of different prototyping tools, or at least mentioning the existence of many. What do you find to be the best, or easiest-to-crack-into, tools for designers to create interactive prototypes? For articulating concept; communicating behavior to developers, clients, or other stakeholders; and testing for success?

Here are just a few mentioned in threads on the main forum within the past year.

19 Aug 2009 - 6:59pm
6 years ago
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Kim Burgess

Interface Prototyping and Usability Testing

I'm currently in the process of developing a touch based interface
for AV system control. When deployed, the interface will be operating
on proprietry touch input hardware however I'm looking into
technologies I can utilize during the development and user testing

Users involved in the testing are geographically distributed so I'm
looking for tools I can use to quickly push out interface concepts
for feedback.

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