17 May 2013 - 10:42am
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WNY IXDA Summer Launch

Hi everyone.

It's time to get WNY IxDA off and running. I am looking for a few good people to network with who might be interested in building a great group to bring like minded professionals together to:

  • to share best practices
  • to build new experimental procedures
  • to connect with one another to practice and improve our skill sets
  • to have a beer with
  • to help share solutions to common problems
  • and so on...
If you have an interest, please join me for a kickstarting event.

21 Nov 2009 - 4:39pm
6 years ago
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Kickstarter for a book about interaction design - only 2 weeks left

Hey all - I'm part of Chicago's IxDA chapter, and I'm in the
process of writing a book about interaction design. It's called
Cadence & Slang, and it should be out by the end of next year. I
posted earlier about this, but we've seen quite a lot of progress so
far, and so I figure it's worth an update here.

I've launched a Kickstarter project to fund its creation, at , which ends in only two weeks.

12 Sep 2009 - 3:47pm
6 years ago
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[plug] In-progress book about interaction design on Kickstarter

Hey all. I'm an interaction designer from Chicago, and I'm in the
process of writing a book about our craft called "Cadence & Slang,"
which should be out late 2010.

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