30 Apr 2012 - 7:14am
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Hi. I'm new at wireframes and need some good advice, to make my wireframes good! 
What is your best advice? 

30 Apr 2012 - 6:47am
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I need a little help on wireframing. Anyone have any good advice on whats most important to know when your wireframing?

14 Mar 2012 - 4:03pm
amir khella

Axure widget libraries for web and mobile

Several people who saw Keynotopia asked me if there is something similar for Axure. After doing some research, I found that most options aren't good enough. So with the help of a couple of designer friends, we created Axutopia, an awesome collection of Axure widget libraries for prototyping apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Facebook, Web and desktop.

We've also put together a free Twitter bootstrap widget library for Axure that you can download and try out.

2 Mar 2012 - 12:18pm
4 years ago
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Philip Hillman

Prototyping Tools 2012 - Axure RP 6.0 or iRise Studio

Hi all,

My first post on IXDA.

I realise that this point is raised periodically but wanted to get a quick verdict on the most popular prototyping and wireframe creation tools. 

Criteria is that we are designing enterprise, transactional applications and platforms - with complex interactions and logic and our designers are using mixture of Mac and Pc as their workstations - so ideally I want something multi platform compatible. 

Tools under the microscope are;-


Test the ultimate website prototyping tool & win licenses - Suggestions for the beta

Serious about getting as much feedback as possible, Justinmind will launch several testing contests, both on MAC OS X and Windows, giving away free licenses of Prototyper as prizes.

This private beta will kick start starts tomorrow, on September 1st. Watch the trailer and register online to participate.

More info:

20 Jun 2010 - 9:13pm
4 years ago
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Neil Lee

Wireframing on the iPad

(I atone in advance for this topic's platform-specificness.)

24 Feb 2010 - 10:45am
6 years ago
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Silvio Galindo

Practical question on MS Visio stencils (or masters) ...

Hello everybody,

I'm currently working on a wireframing project of a web app on
Visio, which involves using stencils, because identical panels are to
be displayed on different Visio sheets. Thus I don't have to modify
each sheet one by one if a change has to be done : I only modify the
concerned stencil.

The problem I'm facing now (and I miss Axure for that) is that in
some sheets -depending on the context, like picking a radio button or
checking a box- a panel may slightly vary compared to its respective

14 Sep 2009 - 6:56am
6 years ago
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Shelly Cawood

Adobe Fireworks for wire framing

Recently I have been getting increasingly frustrated by the
limitations of Omnigraffle and the complexity and bugs of using
Visio, not to mention having to switching between operating systems
to use Visio when i am a mac user.

So I am very interested in the increase in talk of people using
Fireworks for wire framing, what i read about it makes perfect sense
with the ability to share layers across specific pages, making
symbols to reuse across the document, so a footer for example can be
a symbol, you edit the symbol and the footers across the sites pages
will update, not to mention master pag

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