14 Oct 2010 - 1:48am
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[EVENT] Design for Conversion, 18th of November, New York City

I would like to invite you to Design for Conversion in New York the 18th of November.

Design for Conversion is an event that tries to bridge the disciplines of psychology, design and marketing. After 3 successful editions in Amsterdam and 1 in Cologne, the event will be held in New York City. (This event is an initiative by Chi Netherlands and endorsed by IxDA Netherlands)

6 Oct 2010 - 8:03am

[EVENT] Design for Conversion, 18th of November, New York City

As initiator of Design for Conversion I would like to invite you to our next event in New York the 18th of November.

9 Apr 2010 - 6:25pm
6 years ago
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Erica Osher

Landing Page Inspiration

Hi Everyone,

I am working on some Landing Page templates for an upcoming press release.  We are looking to introduce people to new functionality and are not an ecommerce site.  I am having a little trouble getting started and am looking for some inspiration/best practices.  The functionality is an advanced search for doctors.

Any great examples or thoughts on great landing pages?  Do you think it's useful to put forms on a landing page or should it just be a message and a button?


1 Apr 2010 - 4:57am
5 years ago
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Sebastian Deterding

Checkout processes in online shopping: Guidelines/good examples?

Dear all,

I am currently working on a report on best practices in the design of checkout processes in online shopping and would love your input.I've searched the obvious places (IXDA archives, alistapart, boxesandarrows, uxmatters, smahsingmagazine), & there are some obvious good places to start:

30 Mar 2010 - 12:45pm
6 years ago
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Matey Odonkor

What tool to use for converting websites to mobile

At the IxDA Vancouver '09 conference, someone gave a demo of an application they were building that can be used to convert and prepare a website for use/view on a mobile phone—can someone give any info about this group, links? Also, if you know of any open source tools out there that can achieve the same goal, please share. Thanks

3 Mar 2010 - 7:36pm
6 years ago
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Looking for a correct term for Use Case 01 Landing Page.

I am producing IA/UX for a SaaS and need to obtain research specific to the typical layout of a Use Case 01 landing page with call-to-action.

Specifically, my client wants an initial landing page with two calls-to-action buttons with the same visual weight. His justification is that both will eventually lead down conversion paths (one directly to signup, the second to more information). All information I can find advises this has the opportunity to cause some confusion which can hamper conversion rates.

Arjan Haring

[Event] Design for Conversion conference 11th of December 2009 - Amsterdam, NL

Friday the 11th of December DfC will take place in Amsterdam, The

For the third time Chi Nederland (and IxDA Nederland) organize an
international conference on the integration of persuasive design and
advanced analytics. The event, by the name of 'Design for Conversion
~ The Mobile Edition', offers an engaging experience for interaction
designers, marketing managers and conversion professionals.

The 2009 program is shaping up nicely.

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