Agile UX NYC 2012 February 25th

Announcing: AgileUX NYC 2012, a one-day, single track conference in New York City.

Date: Saturday, February 25th


This conference is all about how to create great design experiences in an Agile development environment. Jeff Gothelf and I busted our ass to deliver the highest quality lineup of thinkers in the AgileUX space in downtown Manhattan for under $100.

19 Jan 2012 - 12:05am
Michal Kopec

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Designer Founders: stories by designers of tech startups, is a non-profit book of 35+ rare personal interviews with founders from various design backgrounds who have started companies like YouTube, FeedBurner, AirBnB, About.Me, Pinterest, TypeKit, Path and more listed here:

30 Dec 2010 - 11:32pm

Looking for startup-minded designers!

Hi everyone,

We're closing in on 300 pitches over at — and we simply do not have enough talent to match them up with companies. We need top tier designers, like you, to apply. The need is especially dire in San Francisco / Silicon Valley but we have pitches all over, including Austin, Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle, and even places like Barcelona, London, Brazil, Israel, etc.

8 Sep 2010 - 1:49pm
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Startup Weekend Toronto needs UI and UX designers!

Hi All you IxDA'ers,

Startup Weekend Toronto is coming soon - Sep 24-26!  We need Toronto's local UI/UX professionals to come out and join the teams building products and startups over a weekend (and hopefully continuing from there).

Please register soon as tickets are selling out quickly.

Early Bird discount code ends tonight ("earlybirdSWTO").  Check out StartupNorth, Sprouter and twitter using #swtoronto and/or @startupwkndTO for more codes. 

Sam Shoulders

Independent Contractor Hourly Rates and Startups

I am in the process of negotiating a pay rate for a independent
contractor position with a startup as an interaction designer. I am
wondering what are the current pay rates for independent contractors
for startups in the Bay Area? I have talked to some colleagues at
larger technology companies, but I was wondering if I would use the
industry standard and agree to some type of deferred payment plan for
a portion of my pay?

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