15 Feb 2011 - 12:25am
5 years ago
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Need advice on upcoming interview: presenting my projects that didn't include much UX work

Hi- I'm relatively new to the UX world. I've done some UX work in my current job (but not nearly enough - long story- I have a UX title, but haven't been given the opp to do much at all) and have landed an interview for a UX Design position in several days (mix of interaction and visual design).

26 Jan 2011 - 11:40am
Steve Portigal

ANN: Steve Portigal's new book-in-progress--The Art and Craft of User Research Interviewing

(Everyone, apologies for any duplicate postings you may receive. Here's the official announcement from Rosenfeld Media for my new book-in-progress. I'm so excited! /SP)

Interviewing users is fundamental to user experience work but, as Steve Portigal cautions, we tend to take it for granted. Because it's based on talking and listening, skills we think we have, we often wing it. Sadly, we miss out on many of the wonderful opportunities our interviews should reveal.

11 Nov 2009 - 11:05am
6 years ago
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Liou Yamane

Good books or resources for interview techniques

I just did a short focus group and light usability test with a couple of children. What I noticed is how important the phrasing of interview questions and usability tasks is, especially with children but also with adults in general.

Has anybody recommendations for books or other resources that can help me in phrasing questions and tasks as neutral as possible?

PS. I found but I thought that the books are rather general and broad.

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