Usability Talk on April 11th: From Search to Discovery

Cambridge Usability Group is pleased to announce a free talk on April 11th (6.30pm)

Tony Russell-Rose: From Search to Discovery
Search user experience has come a long way from just a simple text input field. Faceted search interfaces have become standard on most e-commerce websites and search results help guide users to related and featured content. But how and why have search interfaces evolved so much in recent years?

18 Jan 2010 - 9:07am
6 years ago
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Browse or Search


I am working on a digital music site and today our team got into a
debate regarding the functionality of 'Browsing Artist -
Alphabetically' on the Homepage.

Although our Search functionality is pretty tight with predictive
drop-down with first 3 characters and refreshes as the user types in,
we were thinking if Browse Artist by Alphabetical order can give that
value in discovering new Artists..

Most of the music sites (Mog, emusic and so on..) has the Browse
Artist with Alphabetical order, I still wonder what kind of use cases
would strongly demand Browsing Artists by Alphabetical or

23 Dec 2009 - 7:28am
6 years ago
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melanie burke

How can I get the best out of a UX discovery workshop

I'm starting on a project in the New Year where the client has
arranged a 3 hour UX discovery meeting with 20 stakeholders right at
the beginning of the project before I've had any real time to do my
own research.

The client's objectives for the meeting are to define the personas
and user journeys and the first draft of the structure for the site.

After the meeting I will have an opportunity to conduct one-on-one

The project itself is to develop a fairly laborious offline
application process into a streamlined online process.

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