20 Jan 2012 - 3:01pm
4 years ago
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Marjorie Kaye

Darwin, Online Surveys, and Ambiguous Affect

I was doing some research on AI and came accross one of the most bizarre and fascinating things I've seen in a long time.

Take the test, it's for a good cause.  What do you think about the use of autosuggest here? What do you think about the use of electrodes!?!?!?






20 Jan 2010 - 3:08pm
6 years ago
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Linda Chen

Survey Design | Usability Issues

Hi Everyone,

I am in the process of designing a survey for work. The survey consists of
45 questions to be conducted online using a the Checkbox tool ( which seems to be down at the moment).

Because it is a lengthy survey, I am worried about a couple of things:
1. Does the number of question per page matter? If so what is the average
number of questions a participant should answer per page before they lose
2. Alternatively, what is the maximum number of pages a survey should have?

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