24 Aug 2010 - 3:15pm
6 years ago
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Design, Engineering & Rants - a new thread [General]

I can appreciate many of the views shared here. My last post about Engineering IS Design IS Engineering was meant to prompt discussion. It did a little bit. My overall take on this subject is that we are in need of some serious stepping back and re-evaluation of all the disciplines. Take the Stanford site is an interesting case study. They don't help the world by having a design program named, of all things Design. What kind? What department? Graphic, Industrial, Product, ME.

20 Mar 2008 - 11:33am
8 years ago
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Kevin Silver1

Threaded Emails Displays

I'm currently working on a redesign on an application that creates
threads of emails and related information. I was wondering if anyone
knows of really good examples beyond google mail and the threading in
apple mail.

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