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With over 200 groups on 6 continents, IxDA local events can be anything from a happy hour to a multi-day conference. We're also fans of events organized within the broader design community. We like to think of it as something for everyone.

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Tokyo, Japan - online

26 Nov 2020

Reimagine Our Future: Under the shadow of Covid, a lot of things are changing about our way of working, our lifestyle, and even our relationships. Now our future is full of unknowns and uncertainties; at the same time, it’s a great opportunity to reimagine what kind of future we want to live in and how we can be a part of shaping a better future.For our next IxDA event, we will have 3 amazing speakers joining us to share their experiences in adapting to changes during this difficult time; how they foresee a better future, and how they translate that into actions in their daily lives.

Cincinnati, OH, USA - online

01 Dec 2020

Inclusive Design for a Digital World: In this hands on workshop, we will work together to create our future worlds. What will your future self want and need? We will identify what accessibility means in relation to our world today and what that might look like in the future. You will work in groups to imagine where technology and innovation can improve your future world.

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Berlin, Germany - online

02 Dec 2020

New Normal of: Events - We've invited Laura Zenziper, head of digital projects and communication at Konzerthaus Berlin, along with Line Niedeggen and Leonie Baumgarten-Egemole, both active in organising Fridays For Future and Black Lives Matter protests; as well as Fredrik Matheson from IxDA Oslo and our very own Andre Jay Meissner, both working to #FixRemoteEvents. The full session and speaker details are on our website as always.[0]=AZU8mBGsuxkTVX3FVs79Ve7IYyEL1YGBZ0iX_VlvdaVJ6VPJHHh9F7KLUPNNhPRvkEomXSoL-Mn5JNcptPoUCeXGj4c7-Y1TIFQk3YzELFXD0A&__tn__=q

San Diego, CA, USA - online

02 Dec 2020

How Design Makes The World: Do you wish more people understood good design and valued good designers? Or that your organization gave more power and influence to UX roles? Author Scott Berkun’s new book, How Design Makes The World shows the way, with inspiring new stories about the importance of design, and tactics for helping everyone appreciate good design and why it matters in their work and daily lives.

Pittsburgh, PA, USA - online

03 Dec 2020

IxDebate VII: It’s time for our annual IxDebate, and if we don’t have some juicy topics this year, we likely never will. Of course, we can’t meet in person, so we’ll be holding this debate over Zoom, but the format remains the same. We have three starting panelists and one empty chair.

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

03 Dec 2020

final event for 2020 will be the 7th annual IxDebate sponsored by our friends at Beacon Hill Technologies. 3 panelists, 1 empty chair.


31 Jan 2021 05 Feb 2021

Buckle up – this will be one for the books! The world as we know it is shifting and the zeitgeist calls for new and innovative ways to connect and learn from others. For the first time in its history, Interaction Week will be happening online in 2021. Our team is preparing an epic virtual experience that will connect you with some of the brightest minds in design and leave you ready to solve the problems of our generation.