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With over 200 groups on 6 continents, IxDA local events can be anything from an online meetup to a multi-day conference. We're also fans of events organized within the broader design community. We like to think of it as something for everyone.

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Lyon, France

19 Oct 2021

Afterwork IxDA: Venez rencontrer la communauté IxDA Lyon !Pour bien commencer cette année, qu’on espère plus propice aux évènements, IxDA Lyon a le plaisir de vous inviter à un afterwork design.L’occasion pour nous de vous offrir un verre et de faire un point sur nos projets pour l’association, mais aussi de discuter de l’actualité et de nos métiers.

Newcastle NSW, Australia – online

20 Oct 2021

What even is a content designer? Content design is a rapidly evolving craft and career option within the tech industry. So new that you won't find any degrees on content design at university.Noni Hollonds, a design manager at Atlassian, will share how she ended up in a brand new profession and her journey into leadership when there were few paths before her. She'll also bust some Content Design myths and talk about how Atlassian leverages content design to build their world-class products.

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Oslo, Norway — online

20 Oct 2021

Design Systems Hour: Finnivers - Exploring the fabric of a good design systemFabric: the cloth that binds us all together, the foundation of everything we build upon, or maybe it's just a catchy name that fits nicely alongside FINN? You decide.

Stavanger, Norway — online

20 Oct 2021

#36 IxDA Stvg: Tjenestedesign for nytt rådhus i Stavanger - Rehabiliteringen av Stavanger rådhus startet i februar 2021. Det nye rådhuset skal være klart til å tas i bruk for ansatte og innbyggere i løpet av høsten 2024. På denne meetupen får du høre fra Stavanger kommune og Comte Bureau som har samarbeidet om å utarbeide ulike brukerreiser for det nye bygget. For hvordan skal det brukes? Hvordan kan arkitekturen og det fysiske rommet samspille med tjenestene? Hva kan oppstå når for eksempel noen skal gifte seg samtidig som andre skal ha et møte med politikerne, mens andre skal levere varer eller gå på kontoret? Vi hører også om hvordan teamet har samarbeidet med innsikt og brukerreiser i Miro under pandemien. Og litt om veien videre for bygget og prosjektet - som har store ambisjoner for bærekraft og universell utforming!

San Diego, CA, USA

20 Oct 2021

UX Speakeasy turns 10! Help Us Celebrate!!! From our humble beginnings in the back room of Blind Lady Ale house to... another bar not too far away. We're 10 years old this month, but we haven't lost the spirit that brought us together in the first place. Join us as we celebrate 10 years of providing inspiration and facilitating meaningful connections in San Diego and beyond! We will be joined by distinguished guests and San Diego UX Royalty as we reminisce about our past achievements, but also look forward to our exciting future!


21 Oct 2021 23 Oct 2021

[Partner event]: Service Design Global Conference 2021 — After a year of surviving the global pandemic and putting a greater focus on social justice, we know more than ever that the values we embrace and the choices we make define the world we experience. The decisions we make as designers and business leaders have real consequences on people and the planet—both designed and unintended. Whether improving existing services or fostering innovation, we need to be more intentional and aware of the ripple effects we create.

Belgrade, Serbia – online

22 Oct 2021

Od solo dizajnera do digitalne agencije od 40 ljudi: Razgovor sa Ognjenom Škobom, osnivačem digitalne agencije Kroon iz Beograda. Pričaćemo o: • njegovom razvojnom putu — od solo dizajnera do studija od 40 zaposlenih • koliko mu je dizajn pomogao/odmogao na tom putu • o dizajn kulturi u Kroon-u • kako hendlaju dobre, a još važnije one manje dobre klijente • kako zamišlja idealnog kandidata na poziciji UX/UI dizajnera

Atlanta, GA, USA — online

26 Oct 2021

UX Discussion: Content Strategy — This sub-group of IxDA Atlanta provides a casual environment for professionals, students, and anyone interested in the community of UX. You can participate in the discussion or simply sit back and listen.

Guayaquil, Ecuador — online

08 Nov 2021 11 Nov 2021

[Partner Event] Cumulus Guayaquil 2021: Arts imagining communities to come: The Cumulus Conference Guayaquil 2021: Arts imagining communities to come seeks to promote academic reflections and artistic performances focusing on different ways of working with local communities. The conference would like to invite artists, scholars, professors, and researchers to share their experiences and reflections on this matter, pre, during and after the pandemic.

San José, Costa Rica – online

10 Nov 2021 12 Nov 2021

ILA21: Growing from a place of strength – From the beginning, we set ILA20 to grow from our strengths. Futures are made from challenges and dreams, we have both. Distancing will pass and we will gather again. After plenty of consideration, we decided to postpone ILA20. We continue to work to build the event we all dreamed of, now ILA21, in San José."


02 Mar 2022 04 Mar 2022

Interaction 22: When we framed the theme for Interaction 21 — Design in Perilous Times — a global pandemic was still on the horizon. We were interested in the state of our practice and of the world around us. Navigating the last year has revealed truths. Our shared experience underlines the importance of connection, collaboration and community. This is why, as we get ready to gather online — again — for Interaction 22, we find ourselves asking this question: One year on, what have we learned?