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With over 200 groups on 6 continents, IxDA local events can be anything from an online meetup to a multi-day conference. We're also fans of events organized within the broader design community. We like to think of it as something for everyone.

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London, United Kingdom — online

04 Aug 2021

Student night: Join us as this year's design school graduates share stories from their recent projects. It's always hard for students to get exposure for their work, but this year like last year, it's even harder. With limited footfall at physical degree shows we wanted to provide an opportunity for some of this year's students to show their work and tell their stories.

Prague, Czechia

05 Aug 2021

The weather is nice, so we're going to Kasarna Karlin!If you have something you want to talk about or show the group (something you've worked on, read about, or are excited about), please let me know! It's not required, but we'd love it if you'd share"

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Birmingham, AL, USA — online

12 Aug 2021

Accessibility Testing: Join us for part 2 of our 4 part series on accessibility. We will review testing sites for accessibility. This class will mostly cover browser testing with only a cursory glance at automated testing. This class is good for product owners, developers, and QA staff but everyone is welcome.

Waterloo, ON, Canada — online

19 Aug 2021

How We Get Wicked Good, with Karen VanHouten: Did you ever wonder why so much of our work seems harder than it should be? Does it feel like you are constantly working at altitude, trying to do more work with less oxygen? Well, Karen's first job in tech was in 1993. That's almost 30 years across different roles and companies, all in technology and digital products. And no matter how much more skilled we all get, things just seem to be getting harder. How do we move from barely surviving to thriving in our work?

Global - online

28 Sep 2021

World Interaction Design Day is an annual event where we come together as a united global community to show how interaction design improves the human condition. This year’s edition of IxDD will continue to be primarily a digital-first experience. We’ll come together, but apart, through regional live stream events from around the world. Presented in partnership with Adobe and IxDA, we welcome everyone to contribute by hosting activities for their local communities around the theme for 2021: Solidarity and Transformation

San José, Costa Rica – online

10 Nov 2021 12 Nov 2021

ILA21: Growing from a place of strength – From the beginning, we set ILA20 to grow from our strengths. Futures are made from challenges and dreams, we have both. Distancing will pass and we will gather again. After plenty of consideration, we’ve decided to postpone ILA20. We’ll continue to work to build the event we all dreamed of, now ILA21, in San José.In the meantime, stay tuned for updates here and through our social media