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With over 200 groups on 6 continents, IxDA local events can be anything from an online meetup to a multi-day conference. We're also fans of events organized within the broader design community. We like to think of it as something for everyone.

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Prague, Czechia – online

05 Dec 2021

UX Monday: Pro všechny – V prosinci se opět potkáme čistě v digitálním prostředí ZOOMu, kde společně podíváme na to, jak navrhovat digitální produkty a služby tak, aby si je všichni naši zákazníci mohli užít stejně.Tématem příštího UX Monday je tedy inkluzivní design a nevytváření bariér, které mohou lidem bránit v zapojení do společenského života, ve vzdělávání či naplňování osobních vizí. Často se bavíme o tom, že inkluze v designu je z pohledu morálky a etiky správný přístup. Mluvíme o benefitech, které inkluzivní design přináší našemu produktu, firmě i celé společnosti. I přes to je téma inkluze pro řadu designérů v praxi stále velkou výzvou.Po skončení hlavní části budete moct diskutovat s našimi hosty v rámci round tables, kdy se hosté přesunou do Breakout rooms v Zoomu a vy se jich budete moct ptát napřímo. Tato část programu již nebude streamována."

Brno, Czechia

07 Dec 2021

UX dinner is a meeting of the UX community in Brno, where an informal dinner, a discussion about small design problems, the opportunity to find a mentor or a new project awaits you. We often discuss how to educate ourselves, what we as a community miss in Brno and what we can do about it. And do not hesitate to come even if you do not have "UX" on your business card!"

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Raleigh, NC, USA – online

07 Dec 2021

UX in Enterprise Agility: While Agile continues to gain adoption across enterprise products, user experience is often still moving through layers of approvals, series of handoffs and a vacuum of knowledge. The result? Designs that can't be built, long change processes, mismatched expectations and frustration for everyone – including the users. Through this talk, you will look at the shortcomings of various engagement models and how UX can be integrated into enterprise product development processes and work within the Scrum Values. You will hear about a range of real work experiences with products at different stages and how integrating UX was able to change the course and ultimately deliver a better experience.

Vancouver, BC, Canada – onine

09 Dec 2021

Virtual Year-End Networking Party: Come join our IxDA global community in a virtual chat space this coming December 9th to celebrate our year-end networking party🍷🍶🍻! It’ll be unlike your usual Zoom events, you can actually “move” around in the virtual space to meet with different people globally! Oh! Did we mention our virtual party will also be packed with eventful and fun activities too?

Brisbane QLD, Australia

09 Dec 2021

IxDA Brisbane Student Pitch Comp Winners: IxDA has partnered with QUT and run a design competition for students in their final year of Interaction Design. The top 5 x have won the opportunity to present their design idea in full at IXDA Brisbane to a room of potential employers &! :) There will be prizes for each winner and a people's choice award winner on the night will also secure invaluable mentorship from our judges!

Sydney NSW, Australia

14 Dec 2021

IxDA Sydney celebrates 10 years! The very first IxDA Sydney event was way back in 2011, in the Atlassian basement, kicked off by Jay Rogers and as far as we can remember, about 50 people keen on starting a community.Now, 10 years on, after thousands of members and over 100 events, we are back where it all began.Join us in the same Sussex Street building, which is now Ethos Urban, for an informal evening of chats, food and drinks to celebrate.

Valencia, Spain

14 Dec 2021

Last Meetup of 2021: Let’s meet to share experiences, projects, debate and help each other as professionals. IxDA Valencia is the local chapter of IxDA (Interaction Design Association), a global organization that brings together experts in Interaction Design. A space for professionals, researchers, teachers, students and the like from Valencia and the world to meet, share, learn and create together through talks, conferences and other events, in Spanish and English.

Global – online

02 Mar 2022 04 Mar 2022

Interaction 22: When we framed the theme for Interaction 21 — Design in Perilous Times — a global pandemic was still on the horizon. We were interested in the state of our practice and of the world around us. Navigating the last year has revealed truths. Our shared experience underlines the importance of connection, collaboration and community. This is why, as we get ready to gather online — again — for Interaction 22, we find ourselves asking this question: One year on, what have we learned?