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With over 200 groups on 6 continents, IxDA local events can be anything from a happy hour to a multi-day conference. We're also fans of events organized within the broader design community. We like to think of it as something for everyone.

Umeå, Sweden

24 Apr 2018

The Future of UX Design @ dizparc How is the attitude toward UX changing? What is the state of UX in 2020? Is the golden age of UX over?

Portland, ME, USA

25 Apr 2018

Designing Ranked Choice: How can designers help Maine’s first ranked choice election?

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London, United Kingdom

25 Apr 2018

Interaction Design of Complex Applications — think dashboards, dense infographics, tiny fonts, stock tickers, flashing text, complex data sources, and things that make excel look like child's play. We have an interesting speaker lineup whose backgrounds include the Bloomberg terminal, Thomson Reuters' Eikon, and other big data and machine language applications. Yeevon Ooi — UX designer, ASI data scienceFlow Bohl — UX Architect, Bloomberg New Energy FinanceTanya Ahmed — Head of User Experience, QuantumBlack Tickets go live Friday 12pm.

Indianapolis, USA

25 Apr 2018

UX Book Club | Conversational Design by Erika Hall - It's that time again! Join us in a conversation about a hot topic in UX, Conversational Design. We'll unpack this new publication on the topic and discuss practical takeaways and application.

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

26 Apr 2018

Eric Spaulding - The Shortest Path to Get to the Milk: Product Design is Behavior Design

Zürich, Switzerland

05 May 2018

The Swiss unconference focused on user experience design organized by IxDA Zurich. An all day event held by the community for free!

Seattle, WA, USA

08 May 2018

Augmented Thinking: Designing the Future: This panel brings together Seattle-based designers, researchers, and practitioners of augmented and mixed reality as we look to the future. Join us as we explore the challenges of perception and embodiment, artificial intelligence, inclusion, and ethical design practices in this ever-changing discipline.

Istanbul, Turkey

26 May 2018

UX Folks is an unconference to connect UXers under the same roof and build a common ground side by side

Chicago, IL, USA

11 Oct 2018 13 Oct 2018

MidwestUX: Three days of big ideas

Dublin, Ireland

11 Oct 2018 12 Oct 2018

The annual Service Design Global Conference

Ottawa, ON, Canada

01 Nov 2018 04 Nov 2018

Canada's premier annual UX event

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

15 Nov 2018 17 Nov 2018

The annual Interaction Latin America conference

Seattle, WA, USA

04 Feb 2019 10 Feb 2019

Join us for Interaction Week 2019