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With over 200 groups on 6 continents, IxDA local events can be anything from a happy hour to a multi-day conference. We're also fans of events organized within the broader design community. We like to think of it as something for everyone.

Darlington, Australia

26 Aug 2018

Steve Portigal on The Power of Bad Ideas: In business and in life, we pursue the good stuff and champion the people who are known for their good ideas. Ahead of his UX Australia presentations and workshop, Steve drops in on #IxDASyd to give us a special opportunity to hear his insights in a special one-off with our friends at the University of Sydney Architecture, Design, and Planning campus.

Umeå, Sweden

28 Aug 2018

**SAVE THE DATE**This kick-off-after-summer is a mingleparty where we will get together and have some food and drinks in AUGUST. More information will be available later on, save the date for now. Have a LOVELY summer!!/Lina, Viyan, Paul, Robert, Fredrik and Mia

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Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

28 Aug 2018

IXDA BH S07E07 - Welcome to Sprint 2.0 Uma das maiores diferenças entre o Design Sprint original e o Sprint 2.0 é que o 2.0 é otimizado para funcionar não apenas em startups, mas também em grandes organizações que não têm necessariamente tempo para dedicar uma semana inteira ao processo completo. É com esse pensamento que teremos o Encontro da IxDA S07E07 - Welcome to Sprint 2.0. Nosso evento vai acontecer dia 28 de Agosto, na CI&T BH! VAMOS RECEBER Bruna Silva | Product Designer na AJ&Smart Andreza Pires | Ux Consultant na Stefanini QUANDO? 28 de Agosto, de 18h30 às 22h

Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

29 Aug 2018

WORKSHOP DESIGN SPRINT 2.0 COM BRUNA SILVA DA AJ&SMART Aprenda o processo utilizado para ajudar empresas como Adidas, ONU, LEGO, Slack, RedBull, Uber entre outras, a inovar de forma mais rápida e eficiente com a versão 2.0 do Google Design Sprint!

Sydney, Australia

04 Sep 2018

Alan Cooper and Renato Verdugo will be conducting a co-discussion/presentation and taking questions from the audience hot on the heels of their presentations at UX Australia in Melbourne. The venue will be announced shortly and tickets available as soon as we lock everything in. Details at:…o-verdugo-sept-4/

Berlin, Germany

08 Sep 2018 09 Sep 2018

Can you believe it's already been a decade since IxDA Berlin has become a staple design community of Berlin, bringing together students, practitioners and industry experts? This calls for a drink, or five! Join us to celebrate 10 years of IxDA Berlin. Mark your calendars for an afternoon with friends and family (there's a playground and family friendly environment on the water), an evening with international speakers, and a night full of fun, music and celebration.

Waterloo, Ontario

17 Sep 2018 23 Sep 2018

Canada's UX Festival: A week-long celebration of user experience


25 Sep 2018

Get ready ! Everyone deserves to live in a well-designed world. At this year's inaugural World Interaction Design Day (#IxDD), we are challenging the global community to explore diversity and inclusion in design.

The Distillery: Social Reactor, Pekařská 76, Brno, Czech Republic

25 Sep 2018

Projekt World Interaction Design Day, jehož letošním tématem je „Rozmanitost a inkluze.“ Někdy i zdánlivě jednoduché úkoly, jako vyřídit si doklady na úřadě, mohou být pro některé lidi velmi obtížné. Účastníci se vžijí do cizí kůže a zjistí více o tom, jak lidé s handicapem bojují v prostředí, které je primárně navrženo bez ohledu na jejich potřeby. Myslet na lidi s handicapem totiž neznamená vynakládat peníze navíc na okrajové případy, ale vytvářet prostředí lepší pro všechny. Během odpoledne si účastníci vyzkouší navrhnout řešení, které zlepší zážitek s úřady nejen lidem s handicapem, ale třeba i jim.

Chicago, IL, USA

11 Oct 2018 13 Oct 2018

MidwestUX: Three days of big ideas

Dublin, Ireland

11 Oct 2018 12 Oct 2018

The annual Service Design Global Conference

Ottawa, ON, Canada

01 Nov 2018 04 Nov 2018

Canada's premier annual UX event

Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

09 Nov 2018

Krystal Higgins: We work hard to get new users. When they come to our digital experiences, we want them to have a great first impression…and, usually, we want them to stick around! That’s where user onboarding comes in. Effective user onboarding guides new folks from first time use to long term commitment, and does so at a meaningful pace.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

15 Nov 2018 17 Nov 2018

The annual Interaction Latin America conference

Seattle, WA, USA

04 Feb 2019 10 Feb 2019

Join us for Interaction Week 2019