ILA Call for Cities

IxDA is pleased to open the Call for Cities to host Interaction Latin America 2020.

Interaction Latin America (ILA) is the region’s largest and most influential conference for interaction design, user experience, technology and innovation. It is an amazing opportunity to connect design and innovation leaders, in pursuit of the same objective: build a better society.

ILA is an academic/professional event, whose main objective is to bridge boundaries between academics, professionals, and students from Latin America and other parts of the world, in order to help grow the community and create a solid foundation for the interaction design and user experience professions, and other related areas.

It is in the best interest of the IxDA community that the ILA rotates among the various regions of Latin America. There is nothing that prevents ILA being hosted in the same city more than once, but preference is given to cities who have not previously had this opportunity.


Timing for submissions

  • 15 May - Call for Cities Open

  • 30 May - Deadline for local groups to update activities in tracker

  • 15 June - Deadline for proposals

  • 30 June - 10 July - Voting round

  • 15 July - Announcement of ILA20 host city

The ideal host city candidate for Interaction Latin America will:

  1. Have an active IxDA local group. However, in addition to the usual practice of local groups proposing their own cities, we’ve widened the options, giving the opportunity to propose other different, related cities.
  2. Feature a strong and vibrant design community, and unique contributions to the field of interaction design. The proposal should highlight a main topic, suggested content, and how local culture will be highlighted and shared with attendees.
  3. Name a conference chair and co-chair, submitted with biographies. The chair/co-chair do not need to be local, but they need to be active in the field of design and present a strong vision for the Interaction Latin America events.
  4. Partner with a local design school with a strong interaction design program to support an Interaction Design Education Summit
  5. Demonstrate an engaging conference experience for attendees, including the potential venues, a range of convenient hotels and high-level conference logistics.
  6. Considering the nature of the conference, and in favor of the Latin Interaction Design development, at least 50% of the keynote speakers proposed should be Latin speakers.

Submission format

  1. Brief presentation of local group history, activities, achievements and team. [required]
  2. City infrastructure overview (hotels, airport, roads, bus stations, etc.) [required]
  3. Event idea: value proposition (theme, topic, speakers) [required]
  4. Name of possible supporters, sponsors and venues [optional but encouraged]

Submissions must uploaded to the IxDA Basecamp project. Each submission should clearly indicate the contact person for the proposal.

Selection of host city

The selection of the next host of ILA20 is made by a vote of active IxDA Local Groups in Latin America. Each group has one vote, regardless of the number of Local Leaders or community members.

An active Local Group is one with 6 different activities recorded in 12 months during the previous year. For a Local Group less than 6 months old, they must have held activities for each month of existence. For an activity to be count as valid must be reported in the IxDA Local Group Tracker.

Complete ILA Call for Cities

This is a summary of the ILA Call for Cities eligibility and selection criteria. The complete conditions are available to interested Latin American Local Groups via the IxDA Basecamp.


Questions may be submitted via Basecamp or sent to