Partner with IxDA

With more than 100,000 members and over 200 local groups around the world, the IxDA network actively focuses on interaction design issues for the practitioner, no matter their level of experience. By creating shared value, corporate partnerships offer access to IxDA’s robust community of influential interaction designers.

Partnership Spotlight

IxDA + Intel

As the power to connect through technology transforms the world around us, the interaction designer becomes increasingly important, designing meaningful experiences that impact our work, play, and day-to-day lives, and shaping the ways in which we interact with everything from products, services, cultures, social movements and each other.

IxDA and Intel have partnered over the years on a number of projects that advance interaction design education and support the next generation of designers.

Intel has been the exclusive partner for the IxDA Student Design Challenge for 3 year now (2013, 2015, 2017) and supported the Interaction Design Education Summit for two years (2015, 2017). In 2016, Intel is underwriting IxDA’s first Interaction Design Education research survey, to map current curriculum and expectations from industry of new interaction design graduates.