The IxDA Board consists of six directors that serve terms of two years. Each can renew their directorship one time, and the terms are staggered such that roughly half of the board changes from year to year.

Brenda is IxDA's Executive Director. Prior to joining IxDA in May 2012, Brenda was Icograda's Managing Director for seven years. Brenda oversees operations, builds strategic partnerships that further IxDA's objectives and works closely with the Board of Directors to advance IxDA's policies and best practices.

Brenda brings extensive experience in professional, volunteer, and not-for-profit association management to IxDA.

More than 15 years as a practising designer has taken Brenda through design studios, print shops, daily newspapers, publishing companies and the advertising industry. She has been recognized nationally for her design work and for her writing on technology’s impact on the creative field.

Brenda is a certified member of the Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC).

E: bsanderson@ixda.org

Executive Director

Nick is a veteran digital business and product development leader with strong ties to the global UX and interaction design community of practice. An accomplished sense-maker and storyteller, Nick is adept at finding signals in the noise of customer input, stakeholder priorities, and competitor actions. Nick specializes in developing concise and inspiring narratives that illuminate a product’s performance, envision new scenarios, and align project teams around experience strategies.

Nick is CEO of Catalyst Group (www.catalystnyc.com), a leading User Experience Design and Research firm based in New York. Prior to Catalyst, Nick held a variety of leadership positions focusing on Internet product development and strategic partnerships and joint ventures. Nick was VP of Internet Strategy and Business Development for Scholastic Inc., the global children's publishing and media company. Prior to that, Nick led Business Development efforts for BOL.com, Bertelsmann's International online bookselling venture, and Citigroup.


Matt Nish-Lapidus holds a degree in new media art, and has a rich background as a practicing musician and designer. His work has included everything from the digital library catalog in use by the New York Public Library, enterprise software for hospitals, video games, and large-scale public installations. He spent the first few years of his career assisting international new media artists such as Stelarc, David Rokeby, and Haruki Nishijima, while developing his own art and design practice.

Matt loves to debate about art, politics, music, and just about anything else. He currently leads a design team at Normative in Toronto, Canada where he focuses on design practice development in a 21st century studio and is also the Vice President of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA).


Vice President, IxDA
Design Director + Partner, Normative

Vice President

Erik is an experience designer (UX), interaction designer (IxD), information architect (IA), design strategist, anthropologist, philosopher, semiotician, and bricoleur. He is an independent UX consultant. Erik founded and organizes the MidwestUX Conference, has been a local leader for Columbus IxDA, and enjoys taking pictures of people in their side view mirrors. His work often explores the principles of transparency, empowerment, and cultural connections between people and technology. Erik also writes and talks about UX Axioms.


Danielle Malik is currently an Instructor at General Assembly. Prior to that, she was a Product Design Manager at Facebook and the Principal of UX at Hot Studio, a leading digital consultancy in the Bay Area of San Francisco. For over a decade, Danielle has helped companies large and small embrace new technologies, define product strategies, and craft approaches to great user experiences. She has been chronically active in the UX community, planning and organizing many professional events and conferences. She founded the IxDA San Francisco chapter in 2008, which today features more than nearly 4000 members.


Born in Congo from Indian parents and raised in Zaïre, Alok B, Nandi is now based in Brussels, where he has studied engineering, management and film (Licence en Philosophie et Lettres). As a designer, creative director, design strategist, writer-director, he explores conflicting constraints in evolving and hybrid contexts, via his design label Architempo. He is dealing with storytelling in multiple media, space and technologies, from hi-tech interactive installations (Extrafiction framework, science museums) to lo-tech mise-en-scene (Cannes Film Festival exhibition, Jules Verne exhibition design, public space interventions). His previous professional experiences include Procter & Gamble as well as interactive creative director at Casterman (the publisher of Tintin a.o.) and groupe Flammarion, in Paris. Alok is a lecturer and invited professor, as well as regular speaker at international conferences (incl. TEDx). In parallel, he has launched Pecha Kucha Brussels and also initiated the Belgian presence of IxDA. Alok co-chaired Interaction14 in Amsterdam.


Boon is a UX Manager at SapientNitro, where he helps large companies solve complex and messy problems by aligning creative, strategy, and business goals. Initially a software developer for several years, he eventually switched to a design career after pursuing a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction. Since 2009, he has been actively involved in UX communities and has been a local leader for IxDA's London chapter since 2012. He is also an prolific sketchnoter and visual thinking advocate, and his work has covered dozens of events. Born and raised in Malaysia, he has lived in the Midwest US, and now resides in London.

Manager, Experience Design, SapientNitro