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6 Feb 2004 - 8:01pm
Andrei Herasimchuk
6 Feb 2004 - 2:58pm
12 years ago
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Christian Simon

Crit my cooper test, ehehe

Interaction designers in the sf bay area may remember a job post
(11/25/2003) for interaction designer at the sf office of cooper. <D Notice
2003 11 25.pdf>

Their application invites applicants to take their optional "interaction
test" with your application. As I discussed in this forum my background is
in graphic design and my work history in interaction is largely self taught.
I read the test and thought it could help my application. I have been asked
before by prospective employers to take tests.

6 Feb 2004 - 12:20pm
Dave Malouf

ANNOUNCE: NYC Face 2 Face for IxDers

Hi folks,

If you live in New York City and are interested, please come to a face
to face meeting for Interaction Designers.

When: Feb. 10th @ 6:30p (duration: ~ 2hrs)
Where: BAR JAMÓN (212) 253-2773; 125 East 17th Street (near Irving Place)
Socialize, network, eat, drink, be merry

Face to face with people who are on the workgroup and steering
committee sponsoring this e-mail list
and working towards the creation of a group for the discipline of
interaction design.

6 Feb 2004 - 3:29am
12 years ago
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kaushikg at vsnl.net

Challenge of analyzing qualitative data

Does anyone have good resources on tools/methods/techniques of how to use the data generated out of qualitative ethnographic studies to construct appropriate formative assessment framework useful for design at the final stages of the process. I have been having some issues with this.

5 Feb 2004 - 6:15pm
Ted Booth

Scrolling studies (was - The Dock (what's good about it?))

On Thursday, February 5, 2004, at 02:29 PM, Jim Drew wrote:
> I wonder if there are any studies about targeting things with a mouse
> when moving horizontally vs. vertically. That is, do you sometimes
> click wrong because you are scrubbing right/left rather than up/down?
> (I note that with a vertical Dock, the app name that appears can be
> more readily connected to the icon because it "points" to it rather
> than sprawling above it.)

Has anyone seen studies about the relative merits of vertical vs.

5 Feb 2004 - 5:29pm

: The Dock (what's good about it?)

From: Andrei Herasimchuk <andrei at adobe.com>

At 2:56 PM -0800 2/4/04, Andrei Herasimchuk wrote:
>On Feb 4, 2004, at 12:23 PM, Jim Drew wrote:
>>The tight packing of items. To get that tight of packing on the
>>desktop or in a folder, I have to turn off the grid, which means I
>>lose the consistency of location I get with a grid.
>This is actually one of my gripes about the dock.

5 Feb 2004 - 7:33am
12 years ago
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Dave Malouf

FW: Interaction Design Director position at Nike

I got this one off the SIGCHI Job Posting list.
It is not often that an Interaction Design title pops up and is so
clearly more than just a web design/software design role.

Shoot! I wish I could apply!
Please no discussion about the politics of Nike ...

5 Feb 2004 - 6:53am

en fran&#231;ais


J'aimerais savoir si il y a des participants(es) qui discutent en français
dans ce forum de discussion?
Si oui, je suis à la recherche d'articles ou de sites de référence récents
en matière de compétences, rôles, responsabilités qui "définissent" les
concepteurs d'intéraction (en français).


Julie L.

4 Feb 2004 - 2:26pm
12 years ago
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Anirudha Joshi

Dont fall in the cracks, was: Mind the Gap!

Hi. I come from a design background, and the field of Interaction Design
in India (small though it is) is full of product and visual design
professionals who crossed over some time during the past 15 years and
are largely self-taught.

Personally, I taught my first course on user interface design back in
1994, and have been a teaching Interaction Design professionally since
1998 in a design school.

When I teach a course on HCI / Interaction Design / Usability, I sorely
miss teachers / courses from the backgrounds of cognitive psychology,
instructional design and written communication.

4 Feb 2004 - 5:34am
Narey, Kevin

Web Form Control Positioning

Happy Wednesday.

If a web form is necessarily long and screen real estate determines that
scrolling is necessary, would you include controls at the top *and* bottom
of the form for all stages of a linear ordering process?