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29 Nov 2004 - 9:38am
11 years ago
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Rick Cecil

IxDG 2005 retreat - call for participants


We're ready to put our money where our mouths are and start a
professional organization for the advancement of interaction design, and
we need your help. We're looking for several impassioned people to help
us get this organization off the ground.

We're planning a retreat for the second quarter of next year. During
this retreat, we will discuss the many details surrounding the creation
of our organization. What are those details, you ask? Well, that's
partly why we need your help. At the very least, we'll discuss
strategy, potential initiatives, and organization structure.

29 Nov 2004 - 1:16am
Elizabeth Bacon

(Summary) Ease-of-use: Efficiency vs. Intuitiveness

Quote from Dave:
But when I hear someone try to say that "intuitive", "efficient",
"effective" should have different more generic meanings in our space, it
really upsets me.
Intuition is about pre-learning, so it can't be equated to "learnable". If I
use my "intuition" to do something it means that it didn't require anything
to learn. Efficiency, is efficiency ... Effectiveness:effort derived.
Effective is about end result.

-- dave

Liz: I really don't understand your reaction, Dave.

28 Nov 2004 - 10:26pm
Dave Malouf

NYC UX First Friday, THIS Friday! @ Hell

Come to Hell to join us for the NYC UX First Friday.

When: 12/3/04 from 6:30 - 8:30p
Where: Hell @ 59 Gansevoort St. (W. 12th & W.13th St.)
Who: Anyone who works in the development,design, research &
validation of products and services with some type of component that
requires software or digital life.

28 Nov 2004 - 10:24pm
Dave Malouf

RE: (Summary) Ease-of-use: Efficiency vsIntuitiveness

This idea of trying to adopt definitions to fit our colloquial needs is very
problematic. I think it is a symptom of a discipline trying desparately to
find itself, when in reality is right there in front of you.

The reason we can't seem to find ourselves is that we are like a new
swimming student tredding water. We know the strokes, but we can't get them
down quite right. This is the same thing we are going through in our
day-to-day. We know what we have to articulate to those around us, but we
just can't communicate it effectively.

28 Nov 2004 - 7:43pm
11 years ago
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Elizabeth Bacon

RE: (Summary) Ease-of-use: Efficiency vs Intuitiveness

Hey group,

For the sake of summating this interesting thread: I'm seeing this
conversation add some important clarifications about the "ease-of-use"
indices of "efficiency" and "intuitiveness".

Since we probably don't have monkeys for users, "efficiency" is best
assessed in terms of effectiveness: measuring how well the product meets the
user's goals.

28 Nov 2004 - 1:45am
Steven Streight

RE: Simple Exercises for Students

For simple warm-up exercises for an interaction design
fundamentals class, with a web or application slant,
tricky but not horrible, requiring a few hours to do,
due in one week, I suggest:

1. Have them choose a web site on a topic they're
interested in, and make a list of all the aspects that
could be improved, even if they're not sure what the
solution could be. If they have suggestions, like "why
not make this a check list, instead of a drop down
menu?", have them provide these specific improvements.


27 Nov 2004 - 5:36pm
11 years ago
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Dan Saffer

Simple Exercises for Students

I'm putting together my syllabus for an undergraduate interaction
design fundamentals course I'm teaching this spring. I'm looking for a
few simple exercises to give them as "warm-ups" to the field.

I'm looking for suggestions for these, especially ones with a web or
application slant (I have a few for devices). They're probably similar
to the job-interview questions we discussed a few weeks ago: ie.
something a little tricky, but not horrible. They should take a few
hours of time to do.

26 Nov 2004 - 1:02pm
Dave Malouf

UXnet Comes to London (fwd)

You’re invited to the first monthly social meeting in London for the
User Experience Design community.

Date: Thursday, 2 Dec 2004
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: University College London Interaction Centre (UCLIC)
31/32 Alfred Place, near Goodge Street Station
Full directions available on the UCLIC website:
Cost: FREE

RSVP required. Please email uxnet at unraveled.com to confirm your

24 Nov 2004 - 10:56pm
Nathan Moody

IA job opening at Fluid

Fluid, Inc., an established, innovative, and profitable interactive
design & development firm in San Francisco, is in **immediate** need of
an information designer/architect.

Working under our Director of Information Design and Usability, you
will be collaborating on small project teams with software engineers,
visual designers, interactive media (client-side) engineers, and
artists to create innovative user experiences for an array of projects
ranging from e-commerce to data visualization.

Specific tasks: interface solution concepting, site/product
architectures, user personas, u

24 Nov 2004 - 7:13pm
Daniel Harvey

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope those of you on the list that our stateside enjoy the time off for good ID behavior. :)


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