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11 Jan 2005 - 1:38am
11 years ago
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Re: "The beginning of the end of the desktop"

On Jan 10, 2005, at 4:22 AM, David Heller wrote:

> But I have no backup, so I won't even go there. I would just spout more
> truisms. HTML, Flash, Java, C++ ... To be honest, in the end I just
> don't
> care. What I really care about is the interaction model that is at my
> disposal.

10 Jan 2005 - 9:46pm
Lada Gorlenko

Behavioural drives and changes [Was: "The beginning of the end of the desktop"]

DH> 4. So again, what behaviors drive us towards what technological choices is a
DH> lot more interesting than going back and forth on what technologies there
DH> are out there or will be out there.
DH> -- dave

Sounds like a topic worth a heavy monograph :-) Dave, did you have
anything specific in mind by 'behaviours' (individual? social?
technology-inspired? work-demanded?) and 'us' (Jo Bloggs?

10 Jan 2005 - 1:40pm
Dave Malouf

NYC F2F This Thursday!!! @ 6:30p @ Parsons (55 W.13th; 9th fl.)

Through the generous support by Parsons School of Design, 36 Partners and
IntraLinks, Inc. the Interaction Design Group (IxDG) present the following

Video presentation of
"The Deep Dive"
- ABC Nightline
The IDEO design & innovation process caught live on tape

When: Thursday, January 13, 2005, 6:30p - 8:30p
Where: Parsons Design Lab
Parsons School of Design
55 W. 13th St., 9th Floor

10 Jan 2005 - 1:29pm
11 years ago
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Stephen Mallett

Looking for evidence for defacto Activation methods

can anbody point in the direction of Activation mehods to be used with a
various operating systems.

Questions such as why do we use the following :-
Left mouse click
Left Mouse button Down
Left Mouse button Up etc...

It is stuff many of us use but I have trawl through the history.
Any links to evidence\papers would be excellent
Thanks in advance for anything - the search engines are calling me back :)

10 Jan 2005 - 10:55am
11 years ago
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Dave Malouf

False Dycotomy - was "The beginning of the end of thedesktop"

> Having to install a program appears to me to be an outdated
> concept - but one that is still with us. Installed
> applications offer better user experiences in many cases -
> but not in all cases. If these applications where on demand -
> then to my mind they would be much better. If I could call up
> my copy of photoshop regardless of location - that would be
> excellent.

10 Jan 2005 - 10:10am
11 years ago
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Stewart Dean

False Dycotomy - was "The beginning of the end of the desktop"

I've read the debate between Listrea and Andrei and have to admit it appears
to me like they're arguing if oranges or apples are better.

The future of interaction design way beyond that of the PC screen. We are on
the verge of IP-TV (television over IP - the next wave of interactive TV) as
well as an explosion in mobile devices (which are evolving far faster than
the humble PC).

I look at this PC based debate and to me it's clear the answer is not down
to technology but down to use.

9 Jan 2005 - 11:49pm
Elizabeth Bacon

IxDG F2F in LA

Hi all,

Announcing an IxDG F2F in LA! Nova Express, January 25th.

If you're in the Los Angeles area, consider yourself welcome! Let's dissolve
barriers and build networks.

See: <http://tinyurl.com/6vewm> for info, and please RSVP as suggested.


9 Jan 2005 - 2:08pm
11 years ago
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8 Jan 2005 - 11:31pm

No, the parrot is dead

I did promise that I'd post a link for the advocates of "desktop" apps, some
of whom think or whish the WWW were dead:

"The World Wide Web is dead. Like a cartoon character running off a cliff
but making it some way out into space before awareness brings gravity back
into operation, it may continue to dominate our online lives a little
longer, but its day is over."

Dump the World Wide Web!

Nullius in Verba

7 Jan 2005 - 11:54pm

RE: Icon Library Database (Myhill, Carl S)

Hi Carl:
I recommend visiting this site which is fully focused on content
management / digital asset management: http://www.cmswatch.com

This article may be worth reading before you start shopping:

But the short answer may be- check out Canto's Cumulus. (see article