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7 Jan 2005 - 11:53pm
11 years ago
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"The beginning of the end of the desktop"

Here's a brief, non-technical rundown of the benefits of web apps over


I'm not promoting one or the other.

7 Jan 2005 - 5:00pm
11 years ago
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Vector GUIs and display sizes (branch: You decide)

One thing that the pace of innovation has taught us over the last 100
years is that we often grossly underestimate the potential speed of our
progress. ("640k ought to be enough for anybody." -- B.G.

7 Jan 2005 - 3:25pm
11 years ago
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Wendy Fischer

job postings on hfcareers.com?

I am just wondering if anybody has run across hfcareers.com.

It appears to be a paying service to post jobs at $185 a pop. However, they are posting jobs that weren't authorized to be up there (at least mine wasn't). It's disturbing, because they don't have my permission, and it give the impression that all these companies paid money to post there.

Any body know who runs it?


7 Jan 2005 - 1:02pm
Emily Hebard

EVENT-SF: Tues, Jan 18th BayCHI UE BOF/UPA mtg at Intuit

Happy New Year! Focus on your career on January 18th by attending the
BayCHI Usability Engineering BOF/ Bay Area UPA Chapter meeting to learn
about a single usability metric for practitioners. As a bonus, you can come
early for a tour of Intuit's usability labs (RSVP required for the lab

7 Jan 2005 - 10:43am
Christina Li

Chinese/English UI Design Magazine Launches

[Apologise for the cross-posting]

Dear All,

uiGarden has launched as a bilingual on-line magazine that provides an
opportunity for researchers and practitioners who work in the user interface
design (including user experience, information architecture, GUI, and
usability) field in the Chinese and the English speaking worlds to publish
their thinking and exchange views with each other.

6 Jan 2005 - 10:05pm
Nathan Moody

OT: FlashEurope?

Anyone going to be in Barcelona for the FlashEurope conference, March
9-11? Having a latte or pint whilst discussing IxD challenges in Flash
might be nice...


director of interactive media - fluid, inc.

creative dictator - atomick industries

6 Jan 2005 - 9:48pm

Welcome to the 21st century

"I sat in a meeting here yesterday at Hong Kong Polytechnic University where
the President brought all the Deans, VP's, and Heads together to discuss the
importance of design to the university, to Hong Kong and to China. I was
astounded. It was a historical meeting for me. I never experienced this
in-depth understanding and support for the design profession. He went on to
tell them design is not just making products, but it is in every area and
can provide innovation.

6 Jan 2005 - 5:40pm
11 years ago
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carl myhill

Icon Library Database

Whilst we're on the subject of icons.

For a couple of years I have been searching for an icon library database we
can chuck on our intranet to share icons across several sites.

We have several thousand icons now, and we'd like to have a bit of meta data
with each so we can do some searches. Perhaps even have some imagemagik
routines or something for converting from one format to another on demand,
and that kind of thing.

Can anyone recommend anything like that?


6 Jan 2005 - 4:07pm
Greg Petroff

vector graphics

Icons in vector graphics can use LOD (Level of
Detail). It can be used very succesfully with changes
in line weight, additional vector art, etc. as one
zooms in and out there can be several levels to an
icon that smoothly transition between them.

Also vector graphics has the potential to improve the
quality of images that are zoomed with mip mapping
where the graphics pixels are softend as one moves
past their native resolution.

6 Jan 2005 - 3:12pm
Jonathan Grubb

RE: You decide - RSS

>RSS can't really be compared to the web. They're different beasts.
>RSS works on active subscription > passive consumption. That's great
>when you know in general what you want, and you trust a source. It's no
>good for browsing.

I respectfully disagree.

When one technology begins to replace another we have to compare them.
In the article publishing arena RSS has some advantages over web browsing, specifically the ability to pull content together from many sources.