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10 Feb 2005 - 11:34am
11 years ago
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First post: Hello, a question, and some online interactive 3D demonstrations

Hiya all,

I've just found out about this list, and am currently in the process of
reading the archives.

A quick question... is it possible to set up the list so that the
reply-to tag is the mailing list e-mail address?

A quick introduction... I am director of a company that specialise in
interactive 3D visualisations of product designs, either online or

10 Feb 2005 - 7:13am

Silicon Valley Event :: Getting Your Design Built :: with Kim Goodwin

Event: Getting Your Design Built
Speaker: Kim Goodwin
Date: Wednesday, February 23, 2004
Time: 7:00 to 9:30 pm
Registration required
Place: Cooper
49 Stevenson Street, Suite 1200
San Francisco, California

Kim Goodwin, VP Design and General Manager at Cooper, will talk about how
Cooper has used its design process to build buy-in across hundreds of
projects. Topics will include:
a.. How research, personas, and scenarios work as communication tools
b.. What design team and larger product team structures are most

9 Feb 2005 - 9:49pm
11 years ago
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Andrei Herasimchuk

SeaDragon Maps, was: Google does it again - with maps

As a great example of the kinds of differences in terms of robust user
interaction between the new Google maps inside a browser and a
dedicated client app/engine see:


Click the DEMOS link then click the MAP DEMO link. Yeah, another
website designed in Flash and the demo file is 15MB, I know. But the
demo file itself is rather interesting and very cool.

9 Feb 2005 - 6:59pm
11 years ago
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ian swinson

Re: Google does it again - with maps

Interesting blog explaining how Google maps work:


Do you Yahoo!?
Take Yahoo! Mail with you! Get it on your mobile phone.

9 Feb 2005 - 2:57pm
11 years ago
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Web application design 101


This is the first time I've posted to the list, and I'm hoping you can
help me. Our company is fairly new to the world of web application design,
having historically built COBOL-based desktop applications.

9 Feb 2005 - 12:50pm
11 years ago
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Pradyot Rai

UCD Processes!

Hi there,

I am looking for "pretty" pictures that explain UCD from start to
finish. I am working on preparing methodology for our product design
process and need to get inspired from work out there. I need links of
site that shows process flows.

9 Feb 2005 - 11:48am
Dave Malouf

IA Summit? Anyone?

Hey there folks,

There are a few IxDers including myself who are presenting at the IA Summit
this coming early March. ( http://iasummit.org/)

I'm interested in know who is attending. I'll create a little distribution
list here of folks so please reply to me and NOT THE LIST.

Todd, Dan and I will come up w/ something and we will send out a notice so
that we can all meet face2face.

If there is anyone on the list whether going or not to the IA Summit who
lives in Montreal and would like to help us pick a spot to meet that would
be great!!!!

8 Feb 2005 - 9:30pm
11 years ago
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Anjali Arora, NYU

Web-based or desktop app?

Hi. What are the arguments one would forward in favor of designing a web-based app as against a desktop one? What are the pros & cons of each?

Anjali Arora,
Interactive Telecommunications Program,
Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
aa917 at nyu.edu

8 Feb 2005 - 3:52pm
11 years ago
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Noah Mittman

Fwd: Google does it again - with maps

(Rather surprised that the list address isn't in the reply-to, but oh well...)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
For kicks, I decided to "fly" west from my home in Brooklyn (start at
decent height above street level and hold down the left arrow), but by
the time I got bored I hadn't even made it out of New Jersey.

The only thing missing was an Indiana Jones-themed airplane icon in the middle.

Was the most literal sense of distance I'd gotten from a map system
ever, however. Scale legends are requisites, but for a pure visceral
effect nothing beats time.

8 Feb 2005 - 1:54pm
Chad Jennings

Institute of Design Strategy Workshop, March 1, San Francisco

Upcoming Design Strategy panel discussion and workshop in San Francisco
with Peter Coughlan from IDEO, Rob Forbes from Design
Within Reach, Bill Hill from MetaDesign, Clement Mok, and Patrick
Whitney, Director, Institute of Design, IIT

We all know that themes like "total user-experience" and "reliable
of innovation" are becoming important to business, and business leaders
increasingly looking to design to help in these areas.