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5 Mar 2005 - 8:58pm
11 years ago
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Survey: can engineers play the same role as designers

Do you believe that it is better to have separate
positions for UI design vs. UI engineering
(implementation) ? Suppose that the same person had
the time to collect all the user data, define the
design, create prototypes, conduct user studies and
then code the project.

I am currently UI engineer, and I used to be a UI
designer. I don't think the 2 can be melded.

Your opinions and why?



3 Mar 2005 - 2:49pm

Job Posting: Title-HCI Design Lead, Location-Wexford PA, Recruiter, Full-time

Please contact suzanne for this job:

Suzanne Blanda
Scom, Inc.

JOB Description:

Seeking an HCI designer to lead the user interface design for its
product lines. The position will be based at its headquarters in
Wexford, PA.

The ideal candidate will have an in-depth knowledge of user-centred
design, conceptual design and information architecture of software for
interactive applications coupled with deep technical understanding of
application development.

3 Mar 2005 - 2:32pm
11 years ago
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Angela Azzolino

Samples of good iconography needed

Hello Everyone,

I'm searching for websites which make good use of iconography for a
presentation my companying in giving Monday. If any of you know of any
sites that have solid icons and makes good use of them please forward
me the URLs.


3 Mar 2005 - 10:46am

Introduction - Portfolio Review - Job Inquiery

Hello Fellow Interaction Designers.

My name is Deneva and I Have been subscribed for a
while, but have not formally introduced myself.

I am currently in the job market and want to work as
an interaction designer or user experience designer,
but would like to present my skillset in the best
possible light. If anyone has time, please take a
look at my online portfolio: http://www.deneva.net.
Also if you have any suggestions as to job leads in
the area of Los Angeles that would be great.

3 Mar 2005 - 1:09am
John O'Donovan

Interplay: Computer Games Meet TV and Film

FYI...(sorry for any cross posting...)

Interplay: Computer Games Meet TV and Film

The IEE is staging a one-day seminar on one of the most exciting areas of
visual image engineering today - the convergence of Games, TV and Film

The Interplay event will provide a forum where game, computer graphics, film
and TV production key players both from research and the industry can
exchange knowledge and bring together their different perspectives and

3 Mar 2005 - 1:05am
Elizabeth Bacon

March LA IxDG F2F

Hallo again,

It's time for the March LA IxDG F2F! More specifically, it's the March 16th,
Los Angeles, California, USA, Interaction Design Group Face-to-Face. It's an
event where we can socialize, network, and debate the meaning of life, I
mean, interaction design.

Please visit http://tinyurl.com/6f5dc for event info. Come one, come all!
RSVP (to me) not required, but always appreciated.


2 Mar 2005 - 5:35pm
11 years ago
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Eugene Chen

concept maps / mental models

Here are two examples of Concept Maps from a quick google.


Concept Maps are an established technique within pedagogy (well, it has its
supporters, who are probably not very well supported).

2 Mar 2005 - 4:43pm
11 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Upload vCard instead of filling out a form?

I know lots (too many) of companies request some sort of information in
exchange for some sort of content, like demos and the like.

2 Mar 2005 - 4:21pm
Austin Govella

Improving task flows, concept maps: Better boxes & arrows (was: Defining the mental model - Expectations)

Eugene Chen wrote:
> I've always thought the right way to document mental model would be with
> concept maps (circle-and-line-diagrams), where you define key nouns within
> the system and their relationships from the user's perspective. e.g. "I want
> to organize my PHOTOS into ALBUMS. But WITHIN ALBUMS, I have FAVORITES. And
> these I want to GIVE to a FRIEND on a CD".

2 Mar 2005 - 1:38pm

Consulting or Contracting Firms for IxD

IxD People:

I am looking into leaving my full time corporate gig to broaden my
design and IxD experience by working on a wider variety of projects.
Consulting seems like a good way to take a look at the bigger picture of
how other companies operate. After a year or so consulting, I hope to
settle in to a position at a good interaction design or software
development company.

Can anyone recommend consulting or contracting firms for IxD
professionals, or designers in general?