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21 Jun 2005 - 7:48pm
11 years ago
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Omri Eliav


As an ignorant I'll ask it broad:

What do people have to say about us as a discipline/professionals and UML?
Is it something to do with as?
Do we integrate?


21 Jun 2005 - 4:46pm
10 years ago
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Interesting problem

I'm working on an interesting problem right now
and would welcome some suggestions from others.
(Is there an IX pattern associated with this??)

Let's say I have the following:
(component names are made up)

Component Number of Components
Box 1..N
Bubble 1..N
Bone 1..N

There are 1..N Bubbles and 1..N Bones associated
with any Box (and vice versa).

The user can choose any component first, and then
any component second, and then the final component.

So, the user can choose "Bone A", after which the
list of Boxes and Bubbles should be limited to o

21 Jun 2005 - 4:41pm
Desiree Sy

Re: exploratory protocol focus group

Wendy asked:

>I need some ammo on why we should focus on doing usability tests as
>opposed to doing "exploratory protocol focus groups.."

Completely different beasts for different purposes.

21 Jun 2005 - 1:01pm
11 years ago
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Wendy Fischer

exploratory protocol focus group

What is an exploratory protocol focus group?

I am assuming that it is a focus group. However, I am wondering what the benefits/disadvantages are of going with an exploratory protocol focus group as opposed to just doing a usability test (say this relates to testing a cell phone).

I need some ammo on why we should focus on doing usability tests as opposed to doing "exploratory protocol focus groups.." To me testing will allow us to get better feedback on both a qualitative and quantitative basis.

21 Jun 2005 - 12:04pm
Challis Hodge

Experience People Job: Sr. Visual Designer (Boston, MA, USA)

Senior Visual Designer

Experience: 5+ years
Location: Boston, MA, USA
Status: Permanent Full Time
Salary: Competitive
Travel: 0-25%


Number one design and business software company is searching for a
world-class visual designer to work with their newly created Consulting Team
on strategic third-party engagements. The candidate's portfolio must
demonstrate a broad depth of experience with emphasis on application, and
user-interface design, while leveraging rich clients in innovative ways. The

21 Jun 2005 - 11:39am
11 years ago
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Johan Sjostrand

web usability testing books

Hi all.
I'm looking for any good boks on usability testing, preferably web
usability testing.
Quick-and-dirty-testing aswell as traditional testing.

How to plan a usability test session:
-How to gather test subjects.
-Quantative and qualitative research.
-Research over different periods of time.
-Budget calculation.
-Measure: efficiency, effectiveness, learning curve, satisfaction.

21 Jun 2005 - 10:28am
Lada Gorlenko

Reminder: IxDG face-to-face in Montreal next week

If you are in or around Montreal next week and would like to join IxDG
get together, please reply to me soon (unless you've done this
already). We are not planning anything massive or formal, but putting
faces to names has proven to bring lots of excitement in the past.

At the moment, the meeting time is Wed 29 June at 19:00, subject to
confirmation from everyone involved so far.


21 Jun 2005 - 7:19am
Vishal Subraman...

Wired Nextfest?

I realize this is a bit late, but just taking a shot if anybody is
travelling to Chicago for Nextfest this weekend. I'm looking for someone to
share accomodation. I will be driving from East Lansing, MI...a carpool
would fine too.


21 Jun 2005 - 5:56am
11 years ago
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Dave Malouf

See the Images from Interaction Design Institute Ivrea End of YearShow 2005

(posted on behalf of Erez Kikin-Gil)

Last week we (IDII 2nd year students) presented our Masters theses in
Curious to see them?
Go to: <http://www.tiltool.com/eoy.htm> http://www.tiltool.com/eoy.htm

Erez Kikin-Gil | Interaction + Design

<http://www.tiltool.com/> Http://www.tiltool.com

20 Jun 2005 - 7:18pm

Reminder: Silicon Valley IxDG F2F Event: Visual Communication Principles for Web Application Interface Design

Hello Everyone

The Silicon Valley IxDG (Interaction Design Group) Face 2 Face and BayCHI IxD BOF are co-sponsoring an event on Wednesday, June 22nd.