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8 Jun 2005 - 2:43am
11 years ago
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Tricia (Bluesky...


Does anyone know of any studies or guidelines on Tree Views?

The only stuff I've seen has been for them being bad ways of displaying
information hierarchies.

I'm in the unfortunate position where I have a client that absolutely
wants a Tree View.


6 Jun 2005 - 10:11pm
11 years ago
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Anjali Arora, NYU

Re: [Sigia-l] Lynch Mob Wanted: Flight Booking Interface Behaviour

> Last year I signed an NDA to look into some of the interface/architecture
> aspects of a top travel site for a potential overhaul. It wasn't a pretty
> sight. As I mentioned earlier, I've been looking into this industry for a
> few years now, and I'm thoroughly under whelmed.

6 Jun 2005 - 11:32am
Wendy Fischer

Mobile Monday; meeting at 7:00 tonight in Redwood Shores

For any designers in the Bay area who are interested in mobile UI design, I came across this group Mobile Monday. It's short notice but they are having a meeting today. As a side note, I will be attending tonight since I am in the Bay area this week; if any mobile UI designers are interested in opportunities at Motricity in RTP, North Carolina, look for a redhead with short hair.
Meeting June 6th on Usability
Wednesday, June 01, 2005
The June Mobile Monday meeting is almost at hand. The theme for the month is usability.

6 Jun 2005 - 10:03am
Michael Tillmans

Quick Survey on Methodology Results

Thanks for helping with the quick survey on methodology practices. The
results are as follows:

1. Do you test or otherwise assess users for what they learn, recall or
can perform as a result of using your online site or other products?
(choose one)
Yes 6
No 2


6 Jun 2005 - 9:39am
11 years ago
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ji kim

Macromedia aligns with Eclipse

It's in the news today that Macromedia said it will
join the Eclipse Foundation and create a
"next-generation rich Internet application development
tool," code-named Zorn, based on Eclipse.

So finally, management in Macromedia or Adobe
listened. This is something many of us told Macromedia
many years ago, when Macromedia tried to promote Flash
software to enterprise software developers....I think
this is a very good move :) Next step is to improve
their flash player in performance and better out of
box UI components.


6 Jun 2005 - 5:32am
Dave Malouf

re: McAfee UI Design group wins big w/ 90% dropinsupport calls

Pabini, you use the specific software mentioend in the article?
This is not about the consumer suite of anti-virus and other security tools
that most people experience, but is for enterprise systems and the article
is quite specific that they only deal w/ system administrators.

There is no mention of their consumer desktop software at all.

If someone reads the article, the #'s of calls is based on the expectation
from their previous experience of calls from the same market with the
previous offering they had.

6 Jun 2005 - 4:38am

re: McAfee UI Design group wins big w/ 90% drop insupport calls

Hi Ji

Perhaps they don't receive as many support calls, because people are so
incensed by McAfee's horrible user interfaces and the bugginess of their
products that they uninstall the software and switch to a competitor's
product. That's what I did. I've never used more intrusive software.

5 Jun 2005 - 4:18pm
11 years ago
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Juan Lanus

Visio prototyping -LONG-

Gosh! Jonathan's simple question about where to find Visio training
triggered a raft of 18+ postings, all of then fairly worked!

As of now the subject "visio prototyping" is already historic. Now it
should be "Prototyping and design and documentation tools
(un)available", (please don't change it).

I'm following the thread with special interest because I'm designing a
related tool.

5 Jun 2005 - 9:23am
11 years ago
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usable requirements and use cases

Anyone like to share info on usable use case and requirements docs?
At a prior job we created some very in-depth requirements docs, so
much so that the engineers never got through them. Hoping to arrive
at a measured approach and provide just enough information to be
useful in requirements and use cases, and no more. Plan to supplement
with interactive prototypes where possible, which I think are clearer
to understand.

Also, anyone read this book? If so, I'd be interested in

5 Jun 2005 - 8:54am
Dan Saffer

In Praise of the Joystick

"The translation of human will into machine movement via a single
stick may be one of the most overlooked achievements of the last 100
years. "I would say that it was the 20th century's distinctive
contribution to the interface between people and machines," said Mr.
Tenner, who is author of "Our Own Devices: How Technology Remakes
Humanity." " "

from New York Times (requires registration)


Dan Saffer