Discussion Archive: August 2005

23 Aug 2005 - 5:03pm
Challis Hodge

Experience People Job: User Experience Designer (New York, NY, USA)

User Experience Designer

Experience: Min 3-5 years
Location: (Midtown) New York, NY, USA
Relocation: Possible
Travel: 10%
Salary: Competitive
Category: Corporate Software/Internet Application/Product Design


A New York based B2B community infrastructure provider for the financial
services and life science industries is looking for someone to join their
growing Product Design group as a user experience designer.

23 Aug 2005 - 4:58pm
Challis Hodge

Experience People Job: Director of User Experience (Chicago, IL, USA)

Director of User Experience

Experience: 7+ years
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Status: Permanent Full Time
Salary: Competitive
Travel: As Needed
Category: Consulting/Agency/Professional Services

Description: Lead, set vision, and elevate the overall operations of the
Central Region User Expereince Team.


Managing the operations of the IA, User Research and Insights communities
within the User Experience group.
Maintain a contractor network for IA, User Research, Interaction design.
Insure overall community and Discipline team health.

23 Aug 2005 - 3:46pm
Dave Philbin

Job Posting: (Contract) User Interface Analysis and Design - Verizon Labs, Waltham, MA

If you are interested please reply to joel.angiolillo at verizon.com

-Dave Philbin

Job Opening: User Interface Analysis & Design - Verizon Labs, Waltham, MA

The User Centered Design Group in Verizon Labs is looking for a
full-time, on-site contractor to join our 40-member department
in Waltham, MA. We are looking for an individual who can research,
design, prototype and evaluate user interfaces for TV and broadband
services. Good writing and communication skills are essential, as
is the ability to work with a wide range of disciplines in a team
setting. Some travel may be required.

23 Aug 2005 - 9:51am
Nick Ragouzis

Interaction Design for Authentication-based Attribute-aware services


On the heels of that earlier message, I'm wondering how
interested folks here are about the interaction design
aspects of embedding privacy, security, and user control
in authentication-based attribute-aware web and mobile

To that end, I'd appreciate hearing from you. And will
summarize to the list. (As usual: let me know which, if
any, of the information is NOT for attribution in any

Please email me (or the list) with anything you'd like
to say, but in addition:

1. In what way do you feel this domain presents significant
new challenges for users?

23 Aug 2005 - 9:38am
Nick Ragouzis

FW: Vodofone's ubiquitous mobile future

David Heller wrote:

> <http://www.vodafone.com/flash/futures/index.jsp?action=hasFlash&lang=0&displayMode=normal&bandwidth=hi>
> AND it is trying to get response research data back about the
> ideas they are presenting.
> Some of the trickier ideas they are presenting are around uses of
> geo-location and profile-based unique advertising in public spaces
> (ala Minority Repo

23 Aug 2005 - 8:46am
Dave Malouf

Vodofone's ubiquitous mobile future


Vodofone put together an interesting presentation of some ideas coming to us

22 Aug 2005 - 11:41am
Jeff Howard

Re: Usability on "The Fold"

"Chaniya Suebsanguan" wrote:
Does anyone have any thoughts or feedback on what the "new" fold is?

Back in 1999, webmonkey did some work on determining the fold size on common browsers.
They took screenshots of browser chrome from the Netscape 4 browsers all the way up to IE
6, and overlayed them to see how much real estate was left. Here's the article:

They came out with a "safe recommendation" of 983x578 for 1024 screens.

22 Aug 2005 - 2:58am
11 years ago
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Donna Maurer

IxD basic questions

Hi guys

I'm currently writing a one-day workshop on interaction design (to premier at OZCHI -

21 Aug 2005 - 12:31am
11 years ago
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Usability of using Special Characters in System-Generated One-Time Passcodes

I am looking for usability concerns and guidelines regarding the use of
special characters in system-generated password codes. Any comments or
examples are appreciated.

Here's the situation: A system-generated code is sent to the user via e-mail
so he/she can type it or copy and paste it when going through the process of
obtaining a digital identity. A second system-generated code must be
delivered to the user by a supervisor, person-to-person, which may be by
phone call or also by e-mail.

19 Aug 2005 - 8:28pm
11 years ago
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Wendy Fischer

mobile UX internship position in Durham NC

Please note that this is for US citizens or green card holders. It is for a 3-6 month internship located in Durham, NC. At this time we cannot offer relocation assistance. We are considering internships starting in September and January.

Job Summary

Motricity is looking for a User experience design intern to join its Product Realization Group to provide interaction design and user research for software and systems that are used by some of the world's largest wireless carriers and brands to deliver content and applications to hundreds of millions of phones and other mobile devices.