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9 Aug 2005 - 12:05pm
Dave Malouf

Podcast on Experience Design

Ok, a little self promotion, but I'm only doing it b/c it's a podcast.


-- dave

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9 Aug 2005 - 11:04am
Mark Alkhazov

Interaction Design opportunity at Microsoft


I was wondering if we could post this opportunity to your user group? I
am attaching the info in the body of this email. All contact can go to
me directly and the position is perm and located in Washington state.

Thanks in advance for your time,

Interaction Design Manager
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9 Aug 2005 - 10:50am
Manu Sharma

Adobe/Macromedia drop FreeHand

This just in from Cnet...

"Macromedia drops FreeHand from bundle

Macromedia executives cited "extensive research with our customers" as the
reason behind the decision, and not its impending acquisition by Adobe
Systems--which current sells a competing product called Illustrator.

8 Aug 2005 - 2:57pm
11 years ago
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Elizabeth Bacon

Typical job listings

Look at how few companies are using the title "interaction design" in their
job listings through BayCHI!

8 Aug 2005 - 1:23pm
David Texidor

Job Listing: User Experience Designer, Phoenix, AZ - Insight.com

Insight, a reseller of IT products and services, is looking for an
experienced User Experience Designer (aka Client Experience Designer) to
join our team full time to support and enhance insight.com.

8 Aug 2005 - 9:10am
11 years ago
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abc zyx

Re: Positive Affect and Interaction

Re: Positive affect and Interaction

Hi all and thanks for your replies

I have read Don Normans book and this was my starting block. I am
taking a slightly different route as I am examining the effects of a
specific area of creativity (divergent thinking and functional
fixedness) where by a person can see relatedness between seemingly
unrelated concepts.

8 Aug 2005 - 6:21am
11 years ago
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abc zyx

Positive Affect and Interaction

I am conducting a study with the aim of examining the link between
Positive Affect (good mood) and interaction.

5 Aug 2005 - 5:18pm
Anirudha Joshi

Designing for the cultural 'other' (wasEthnographicresearch methods)

Marc Rettig < It's difficult enough to manage collaboration and quality
when a team is homogenous. Add distance, language, cultural and
time-zone issues, and you risk canceling the would-be advantages of team
diversity. Which is another reason I believe the ideal is for the team
to be diverse, and located in the same place.>

Interesting observations - mostly, I agree. Given our current design
(and perhaps management) tools and methods. And I did not mean to
discount the project constraints that often do not let us do our best.

5 Aug 2005 - 9:17am
Dave Malouf

IxDG @ IDSA in DC (USA) - Wanna meet up?

Myself and Robert Reimann will be giving a presentation at the IDSA National
Conference in DC at the end of this month.

Robert and I would like to meet with IxDers who will either be at the
conference or just happen to be in the DC area.

The conference is near the National Zoo/Wardman Park Marriott Hotel metro
stop (one stop from Dupont Circle).

We would like to meet up for dinner at Friday night the 26th.

4 Aug 2005 - 9:02pm
11 years ago
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Anirudha Joshi

Designing for the cultural 'other' (was Ethnographic research methods)

Marc Rettig <I have been on the outskirts of projects by U.S. companies
that were conducting field work in India and/or China. They had taken
steps to find local people to use as researchers (say, for example,
someone who teaches anthropology in a national university). Which I
thought was helpful if less than ideal.>

I have been one such 'local people' for a few of my clients ('say, for
example', I teach interaction design in a national university). Just
curious: what do you exactly mean by 'less than ideal'. But I am an
optimist :).