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21 Sep 2005 - 10:47am
10 years ago
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Ted Boren

Evaluating a script...

Hi All *

Like most of you, I work in the software arena. However, I've recently been asked to organize audience evaluations for audiovisual productions as well (potentially film, TV, DVD, etc.). Some are training productions, some are persuasive, some have an entertainment component (though that is never the primary motivation for productions in my case).

I've done a quick web search, and most script evaluation seems to be of the "expert review" type ("pay me lots of money and I'll tell you where it stinks").

20 Sep 2005 - 10:19pm
Cindy McCracken

mobile phones article

Hi, everyone.

Here's an article I came across that addresses several things that Wendy discussed in her presentation last night, such as the variations in mobile phone use in different parts of the world, and different mobile technologies. At the very end, it even has a list of acronyms (WAP is Wireless Application Protocol ...

20 Sep 2005 - 6:55pm
10 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Urgent announcement from uiGarden.net

Posted on behalf of the folks at UIGarden.net the Chinese/English HCI Web
-- dave


We are sorry to announce that the uiGarden webzine site has been the victim
of a malicious hacker/ or hackers and have to be suspended. We are currently
redeveloping the whole site so the site is temporarily closed.

20 Sep 2005 - 8:59am
10 years ago
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Wendy Fischer

Microsoft enters the interactive design market


>From the website:

Microsoft Unveils Expression Family of Designer Tools

New tools to accelerate business opportunity by reducing the complexity and cost of delivering richer user experiences on the Web and Windows Vista platform.

LOS ANGELES -- Sept 14th, 2005 -- Today at the Microsoft Professional Developer Conference 2005 (PDC05), Eric Rudder, senior vice president, Servers and Tools at Microsoft Corp., introduced Microsoft® Expression, a

20 Sep 2005 - 4:50am
Luis Silva

FW: analog vs. digital display of time


This article has an insight on the subject but applied to aviation design:


According to it pilot prefer analogue indicators than the digital ones, the
reason is that it's easier to observe ranges when dealing with a analogue
display than to observe the digital number and interpret it within a range.



> > Hi there,
> >
> > my hypothesis is that an ana

20 Sep 2005 - 1:50am
Ola Thörn

SV: analog vs. digital display of time

Perhaps there could be a difference between time/speed

When you visualize 14:15 digitally this form of
representation does not give you feedback on that
23:59 is the end of the scale. Logically time could
continue to 99:99. However if we assume that you know
how to read the time I think digital works just about
as fine as analog although digital display is easier
to get the "exact time" with.

With speed few cars (unfortunately) goes up to 999
km/h . With an ordinary analog display the speed meter
shows the end of the scale(although not all cars goes
this high).

20 Sep 2005 - 12:27am
10 years ago
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analog vs. digital display of time

Hi there,

my hypothesis is that an analog display (of time) is more easy to perceive than the digital equivalent using numbers; esp. if the user is fully mentally occupied with another important task.

A related example would be the speed display in cars. A needle on the tachometer seems to be the favorite design.

Does anyone have data to support my theory -- or the opposite?



User Experience and Interaction Designer :: http://www.mprove.de

19 Sep 2005 - 6:23pm
10 years ago
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Prototyping 3D UI Transitions


Recently, my team has been engaged in several desktop software projects that
require the visualization of UI state transitions that make use of 3D
effects. While the drivers behind this trend are clear (both the ripple
effect of Mac OS Tiger, literally and figuratively, and the upcoming Avalon
features of MS Vista), just how to go about prototyping UIs that take
advantage of these powerful new rendering engines is less clear. Our primary
prototyping tools are currently Flash and Director, with occasional
inclusion of pre-rendered animation built in Maya or After Effects.

19 Sep 2005 - 4:25pm
Dave Malouf

Brenda Laurel @ Parsons followed by NYC Face-to-Face IxDG - Wed. Sep 28 (New York, NY, USA)

The NYC Interaction Design Group (IxDG) Face-2-Face (F2F) is back. We all
had a tremendous & relaxing summer and now it is time for us to get together
again. But first ...

The Parsons Department of Design and Management is having Brenda Laurel (see
her bio below) speak as part of their Stephan Weiss Memorial Lecture Series
in Business Strategy, Negotiation & Innovation.

The Lecture is titled, "Design Research: Informed Creativity"

When: Wed., Sept. 28 @ 6p - 7:30p
Where: 55 W.

19 Sep 2005 - 2:24pm
Dave Malouf

JOB: Sr. User Experience Designer - IntraLinks - New York, NY (USA) - fulltime


Position: Sr. User Experience Designer

Location: Midtown, New York, NY
Will relocate for right candidate

We are looking for someone to join our growing Product Design group as a sr.
user experience designer. Responsibilities include producing innovative,
visually appealing human interface designs; creating design prototypes;
working with developers to make designs a reality. We need someone who can
work independently, engage team members, communicate ideas, create
prototypes, and finally work with team members throughout the release cycle
of the product.