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6 Sep 2005 - 6:48pm

New Challenges IA Retreat - New Presenters Added

We're pleased to announce that we've added four more
presenters to our roster for the New Challenges retreat:

* James Melzer, "Enterprise Information Architecture in Context"

* Thomas Vander Wal, "Designing for the Personal InfoCloud"

* Todd Warfel, "Methods for Improving IA Deliverables - less
explaining, more doing"

* Victor Lombardi, "Product Development for IAs"

We received many outstanding presentation proposals throughout the
summer and worked hard to select a vibrant and wide-ranging set of
topics to fuel group discussion.

6 Sep 2005 - 11:55am
Dave Malouf

ADMIN: List was down over the long (US) holiday weekend

Hi everyone,

The list is now up (so it seems). The list was down over the weekend but now
it looks like it is working again. If you tried to post messages over the
weekend and they didn't work, then you should probably try it again.

I suggest that people look at the archives for the last couple of days first
to determine if their message went through or not.

6 Sep 2005 - 10:58am
Josh Seiden

JOB: Usability Specialist, NYC, USA, 36 Partners. Immediate contract opening

36 Partners has an immediate opening for a Usability
Specialist. This is a 3-6 month contract position
based in NYC, NY, USA.

The Usability Specialist will join a project team
currently working to deploy a new Supply Chain
Management system at major fashion retailer.

The Usability Specialist will run a program of direct
user observation and testing in order to bring ongoing
user feedback into the project team. You will need
experience planning and executing field studies,
interviews, usability tests, expert reviews, and other

2 Sep 2005 - 12:34pm
Jim Kalbach

Announcement: Euro IA Conference - Programme Available


Just a quick note to let you know that the programme for the Euro IA
Conference this October in Brussels is now online. We have an exciting
line-up of renown speakers from around Europe.


Don't miss ths event! Early registation prices are still available.


Hope to see you there.

- Euro IA Planning Committee

2 Sep 2005 - 11:22am
10 years ago
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Best conferences? (CHI, UPA, DUX, etc.)

I'm interested in suggestions for the best
conferences related to our interests.

I can justify up to two conferences per year (possibly
only one), and I want to make the most worthwhile choice.

So, first, are any of the conferences worthwhile? And if so,
if you could only go to one, which one would it be? And if
you could go to two, which two would you choose?

(I've been looking at DUX, CHI, and UPA primarily).


2 Sep 2005 - 9:38am
Kristen Groh

Steve Krug and Lou Rosenfeld in Chicago

Steve Krug, Lou Rosenfeld, VSA Partners (http://vsapartners.com), and UXnet
(http://uxnet.org) invite you to join fellow information architects,
usability professionals, and other user experience experts for two hours of
mingling at The Blue Water Grill.

1 Sep 2005 - 9:20pm
SFwebtonic at a...

What do you use to make HTML wireframes

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On Sep 1, 2005, at 10:46 AM, Austin Govella wrote:

> if you make HTML wireframes, how do you make them?


I have created a variety of wireframe templates from scratch in Adobe
Illustrator. I keep them in my library - when I need them I can modify for
future use.



1 Sep 2005 - 1:50pm
Marijke Rijsberman

usability contract work for Intuit intranet

I'm looking for a usability professional for a series of projects related to
the Intuit intranet and internal tools this fall. First project to start
September 12. Intranet experience highly preferred.

Please send me a resume at marijke at interfacility.com.

1 Sep 2005 - 12:46pm
10 years ago
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Austin Govella

What do you use to make HTML wireframes (X-POST)

I'm conducting some tests: creating wireframes using different
softwares and technologies.

To make sure I'm being comprehensive, if you make HTML wireframes, how
do you make them?

Austin Govella
Thinking & Making: IA, UX, and IxD
austin.govella at gmail.com

1 Sep 2005 - 8:36am
10 years ago
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Jim Hoekema

Nielsen - Open non-web dots in new window

I agree with Nielsen's recommendation to open PDFs (and for that matter,
external sites) in a new window.