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7 Nov 2005 - 6:12pm
10 years ago
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Physical Interaction Prototyping Toolkit Recommendations


I was inspired by some of the work that Smart Design showed during their
DUX'05 studio tour to renew my efforts to sell the idea of prototyping
physical interactions to some of TEAGUE's clients (we work primarily on
non-desktop consumer electronics products). Typically, we build high-end
appearance models to represent industrial design, and, separately, build
interactive simulations that run on a touch screen. This works well enough
for evaluation purposes in many cases, but, clearly, merging the hardware
and software models would result in higher quality feedback.

7 Nov 2005 - 5:16pm
Ryan Betts

IxD Stats?


Does anyone know if there are any demographic statistics on IxD? I'm
looking primarily for things like number of firms, growth rate of the
industry, average age of Interaction Designers, educational
background, etc.

Maybe there aren't any stats solely on IxD yet? If that's the case,
any recommendations on what fields would give a good approximation?
ID, ExD, IA?

Your thoughts would be hugely appreciated.

-Ryan Betts

7 Nov 2005 - 3:49pm
10 years ago
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MEDEIROS Wellin...

Interaction of men with products

Dear all

I was wondering if someone is working with the emotional/affective interaction of men specifically with artefacts/products. Any reference on empirical (or theoretical) research/method regarding this subject is warmly welcome.

7 Nov 2005 - 1:50pm
Kyle Pero

Philly ACM SIGCHI Meeting, 11/14, 6pm, Speaker, Carolyn Snyder!

--Apologies to those that have received this announcement more than once.--

What: PHICHI, the Philadelphia region's chapter of the ACM SIGCHI, November
Meeting. PHICHI meetings are ALWAYS open to anyone who is interseted in
attending. Membership to the ACM is NOT required.

When: Monday, November 14th
Refreshments & Networking: 6-7pm – Food and beverages will be
Presentation: 7pm – 8:30ish

Where: University of Pennsylvania - The Towne Building (Heilmeier Hall,
Towne 100)
220 S.

7 Nov 2005 - 12:18pm
Norm Cox (sent ...

Any Ixder's working on physical products in the group

I'd like to second the opinions and insights of Lisa B. and Jim Leftwich regarding this discussion on product design. While many folks may think that "interaction design" came about because of the web, in reality the term was coined in the early '80s to convey the emotional and behavioral interplay between the "user" and the control widgets of a physical product.

7 Nov 2005 - 12:11pm
Dan Saffer

Thanks to all who attended IxDA DUX CxTAiLs

A smashing success. Some photos have made their way onto Flickr, into
the DUX pool:



Dan Saffer
Sr. Interaction Designer, Adaptive Path

7 Nov 2005 - 11:37am
Chad Jennings

Running a good "vision session", "innovation session", " session"...?

Hi David,

A few quick thoughts. I imagine one component of your <buzzword>
session will be a series of brainstorms.
In my experience the most successful sessions tend to:
• Try not to solve or reinvent every aspect of the site or software
in one long session. Instead plan a few shorter sessions (although
never easy to schedule) over the course or a week
• Begin with a few defined topic groups or problem statements based
on customer needs (or unmet needs).

7 Nov 2005 - 9:56am
Larry Marine

Running a good "vision session", "innovation session", " session"...?

We do something similar for our clients on a regular basis. We've found that
just running an innovation session without context is largely a waste of
time, so we do a lot of work to set the fuzzy boundaries of context.

Typically, there are several objectives that have to be met, both from the
business and marketing side of the equation as well as from the expected
user's perspective. Most innovation sessions are typically either a focus
group of users or designers. In both cases, these folks lack one or the
other perspective and so the resulting innovations are usually out of

7 Nov 2005 - 7:26am
Reese, Dean

Running a good "vision session", "innovation session", " session"...?

Actually, I just completed one last week with our Global Architecture
group. Take a look at www.grove.com - they have a process as well an
tools to help.

6 Nov 2005 - 11:44pm
David Hatch

Running a good "vision session", "innovation session", " session"...?

Hi all,
I want to run an innovation session focused on coming up with ideas for
a next gen web site (if you know where I work you probably know the site
I'm thinking of). I've done these before, but I haven't in a while so I
need a refresher. I don't want to bog the session down with an
excessively controlled agenda, but I do want to have an underlying
structure to make sure we make good use of the time. Anyone here run a
successful session like this lately? Any pointers to good resources.

Thanks much,

David Hatch
Chief Information Architect