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5 Jan 2006 - 10:02am
Lada Gorlenko

Industry trends for Web site development

Can anyone quickly point to good recent reports (preferebly, with
numbers) on the following:

1. Industry Trends for web site development
- ie more transaction orientated, more detailed tracking of user
activties while on a web site, web site personalization based
on user activities

2. Evaluating web site maturity
- ie moving from static content to dynamic content to
transaction orientated to portal to ....


5 Jan 2006 - 8:16am
10 years ago
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Scott Weiss

Mobile Phone UIs: Vodafone, Verizon, and more

At Usable Products Company, we had the good fortune to work on the
Vodafone Simply's design in collaboration with Vodafone's excellent
internal UE team.

The Vodafone Simply is the world's first phone designed completely by an
operator ('carrier' in US parlance). The UI and industrial design came
from Vodafone. The phone has been a tremendous success. This phone is a
basic voice and SMS phone, though it has an animated color user interface
and has integrated context-sensitive help. It does NOT provide Vodafone
Live! access, nor does it feature a camera.

4 Jan 2006 - 11:46pm
10 years ago
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Luis Silva

FW: FW: Computers in Things (was Re: Ecommerce web sitebook recommendations [signed]

Skot Nelson said:

>He was taught that knowing something's name meant
>only that you had memorized a name, not that you understood what the
>thing was.
>You can call a black hole a black hole all you want, we still don't understand what it is.

Well if you think like that I wouldn't wanna work in your team....

Why make it harder, when it can be so simple...


Luis Silva

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4 Jan 2006 - 10:41pm
10 years ago
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Verizon Wireless - standardizing a UI?

Hi all-

This has been on my mind for a couple of weeks and I wanted to put it out to
the brilliant minds on this list and see what you all thought.

I recently went to Verizon Wireless to get a new mobile phone (mine = 3
years old, cracked, killed battery, etc.) and I left with the cool new RAZR
phone. After 4 days with it, I returned it to the store. It had so many
crucial UI and software problems with it that I couldn't use it (didn't show
the phone number I was calling, called the wrong numbers, etc.).

4 Jan 2006 - 9:29pm
10 years ago
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discuss Digest, Vol 28, Issue 4

wow, lots of email in the digest today!

on Soft/Hard buttons: another consideration is cognitive load. When you have a soft key, at least on mobile phones, this means you have a changing label which requires attention and processing. Sometimes the label changes consistently based on the context, but you can get errors from 1. poor labeling, or 2. a user trying to overcome a learned behavior from an old device that is different on their new device.

4 Jan 2006 - 3:42pm
Lynn Miller

JOB: Interaction Designer at Alias (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Interaction Designer, User Experience Team (Full time)
Alias -- Toronto, Canada

Design award-winning 3D graphics software (such as Maya, Alias
SketchBook Pro, and Alias ImageStudio) for creative professionals who
work in film, video games, and industrial design.

4 Jan 2006 - 2:50pm
Peter Merholz

[Plug] Adaptive Path Workshops in L.A., Jan 25-26

Adaptive Path is putting on two workshops in Los Angeles at the end
of this month.

The Elements of User Experience
January 25

Designing and Building with Ajax
January 26

Both are taking place at UCLA.

The first is Jesse's signature workshop, an excellent entree to
issues of user experience.

4 Jan 2006 - 12:14pm
Nasir Barday

Resources on search for financial symbols?


Do you know of any work on search interfaces for financial symbols (e.g. stocks, bonds, economic indicators)? I'm doing a literature review to help inform my design ideas.

Most the work I have found so far relates specifically to searching for content, but our users are looking for specific mappings with an industry-standard structure, e.g. "What's the ticker symbol for Coca-Cola?" (KO); "What about the Yearly Employment Rate for Bolivia?" (21867RF).

- Nasir


4 Jan 2006 - 10:42am
Gerard Torenvliet

FW: Hard and soft buttons

On 04/01/06, gretchen anderson <gretchen.anderson at frogdesign.com> wrote:

> 1. There is a real (and perceived) tradeoff between the # of buttons and
> complexity, so not all functions should be hard buttons. (Again, don't have
> any published studies on this, but I've observed it in A/B tests of
> prototypes. If this weren't true, we'd still have 1960s style computers with
> 100 blinking buttons.

4 Jan 2006 - 10:14am
Josh Seiden