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18 Jan 2006 - 8:58am

Form - Submit - Display


I am working in a project where I have a form that is designed similar to the attachment(i.e center aligned). When the user submits the data we show them the data to verify and then submit. For that view I have designed it consistent with the form (assume the forms are filled in the attachment).

My question is when the same information is displayed in other screens with some more demographics information how shall we display that?

18 Jan 2006 - 8:50am
9 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Help ... Examples of loading long nested tree nodes with tablature data (no pagination)

Our service IntraLinks is sorta like a big file system (or that is the
closest relevant simile).

When you open a folder, like any other file system, there is a list of
child-folders and resource objects like files that need to be displayed.
(caveat, you can't pre-load the children of a parent before the request is
There can be upwards of 1000's of objects (folders and files) that are in
that parent folder. Loading the entire set all at once has two negatives:

18 Jan 2006 - 5:49am
Dave Malouf

The Design Encyclopedia


I thought I'd let people know about this resource that I found.

I just updated the IxD link. :)

-- dave

18 Jan 2006 - 1:40am

Pagination: allowing the user to decide numberof records

A related question is what is the value of and do users visit the results on
page 10, 20 or 500?

17 Jan 2006 - 10:37pm
Dan Saffer

Looking for IxD Case Studies

I'm looking for interaction design case studies, preferably those
that are simple, public, and that have this basic format:

1) Problem, like a product isn't working well or doesn't exist.
2) Interaction design goodness is applied.
3) Product is better/good.

They don't have to be long or involved. Please, no iPod suggestions.

Oh, and they should be able to appear in an interaction design book
(wink, wink), so if your company/client would be unhappy sharing a
success story, don't bother.

I'd be happy to share these all with the list as well, whether or not
I use them.

17 Jan 2006 - 3:59pm
Marc Rettig

Survey request: improving Fit Studios

Hello friends,

As you may or may not know, we at Fit Associates are working to create an
educational offering that is a little different than most: hands-on work for
several days, studio-style; curriculum-based, so people can grow in steps; a
focus on the basic process and skills necessary for understanding customers
and creating products or services that serve them well.

We had an interesting but mixed response to our first iteration, called
Studio One.

17 Jan 2006 - 2:46pm
9 years ago
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Olga Fernandez

Pagination: allowing the user to decide number of records

Hi Bryan,

* Does anyone have any good examples of user interfaces for pagination which
allow the user to decide how many records are shown per page? *

Have you seen this kind of solution?
Show: 10 20 30 All

Olga Fdez. Deleito
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17 Jan 2006 - 1:32pm
9 years ago
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Warnke, Larisa

Call Center Application Research

I am about to embark on several call center application projects.

In most cases I have the ability to do research and interviews on legacy
applications and their reps. I am look for existing information on these
types of application re-designs. Case studies, white papers, user research,
best practices...I¹m not finding a lot on my own.

Any input will be appreciated...Thank you

Larisa Warnke | Sr. User Experience Architect | Carlson Marketing Group |
p. 763.212.6158 | c. 612.201.8877 | AIM: larisalw | YM: larisa_warnke

17 Jan 2006 - 12:48pm
9 years ago
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Lada Gorlenko

What Customers Want from Your Products

A recent Harvard Business Review article, "Marketing Malpractice: The
Cause and the Cure," argues that the marketer's task is to understand
the job the customer wants to get done, and design products and brands
that fill that need.

"If marketers understand each of these dimensions [social, functional,
and emotional], then they can design a product that's precisely
targeted to the job."

Err... Okay, the example discussed in the excerpt is milk shake, but
how far would you stretch the claim?



17 Jan 2006 - 9:35am
9 years ago
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bryan.haggerty ...

Pagination: allowing the user to decide number of records shown

Does anyone have any good examples of user interfaces for pagination which
allow the user to decide how many records are shown per page? I'm thinking
outside just the simple drop down list, granted that may end up being the
most ideal solution but am curious if there are others out there.

Bryan Haggerty