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8 Mar 2006 - 12:20pm
leo.frishberg a...

Case studies in online portfolios (was: Are onlineportfolios useful?)

What a fascinating thread from this group!

My focus up until a few years ago was always on finding hard copy
examples of exemplary work to use as the seed of discussion during
interviews and hopefully pique the listener's interest and awareness of
my abilities. With my push into web engagements, I felt an online
presence was a necessary component of that process.

8 Mar 2006 - 11:19am
Austin Govella

Case studies in online portfolios (was: Are online portfolios useful?)

On 3/8/06, Todd Roberts <trrobert at gmail.com> wrote:
> Would it be worthwhile to put case studies on a portfolio site, rather than
> just shots of the final product?

While interviewing, I used an illustrated case study (pics of
deliverables, diagrams, and screens) to answer that crazy question:
"tell me a little bit about your process".

It was an illustrated walkthrough, plus the text of the case study
acted like notes, so I didn't forget anything important.

8 Mar 2006 - 2:48am
10 years ago
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Gabriel White

Are online portfolios useful?

I've just gone through a long, exhausting process of hiring a new
mobile interaction designer.

A few of the candidates provided their portfolio through their web
site, the rest in Word or PowerPoint documents.

My feeling from going through this process is that web portfolios are:

- Hard to save to a shared drive
- Even harder to print
- Rarely linear (i.e. beginning, middle, end).

7 Mar 2006 - 2:27pm
Mark Alkhazov

UR Lead at Microsoft Redmond Full-Time Opp

Microsoft is Hiring ! I am looking for a User Research Lead

Please contact me directly for questions or to apply malk at microsoft.com

Are you interested in helping Microsoft deliver an end-to-end innovative
experience with both software and hardware? Are you interested in
driving research that will define how people interact with and relate to
this new product?

7 Mar 2006 - 1:18pm
leo.frishberg a...

Portland, OR Design Research Tutorial Opportunity


On Saturday, March 18, the Portland IxDA community has the rare
opportunity to participate in an intensive tutorial/workshop:
"Expression into Facts: Practical statistics in Design Research". Led
by 20 year veteran of product design, Dr. Tom Cocklin, the workshop will
cover such issues as when to research and when not, how to ask the right
kinds of questions, basics of the scientific method and experimental
design, validity vs. reliability and more.

7 Mar 2006 - 9:36am
Doug Anderson

Apologies (was: Mini Detroit Design Renaissance)

Hi All,

Sorry for my non sequitur post yesterday. Had intended to send it to the ID
Forum list and messed up (one of my strengths). So many lists, such a short
attention span.

Nonetheless, I *did* find the referenced research on language & perception
by Gilbert, et al. to be interesting. Maybe some other IxD'er will too.

Doug Anderson

6 Mar 2006 - 5:26pm
10 years ago
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Madhava Enros

CLI design guidelines

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anybody could point me to some design guidelines or any
kind of reference, for that matter, about the design of command line
interfaces. I'm looking for anything from suggestions for grammars and
syntax to ideas about how do structure command names.

Thanks in advance!


Madhava Enros
Lead User Interface Designer
DataMirror Corp. - www.datamirror.com

6 Mar 2006 - 3:29pm
Doug Anderson

Mini Detroit Design Renaissance

Hello Karen, et al.,

Interesting thread, thank you all. Some have noted that beauty/style is in the "eye" (perceptual apparatus?) of the beholder and now Karen has contributed references regarding the impacts of culture.

I recently read an article reporting that language has an effect on perception. The language you know & use affects what you "see." At one level this seems obvious, yet I found the research very interesting.

Gilbert, A.L., Regier, T., Kay, P., & Ivry, R.B. (2006). Whorf hypothesis is supported in the right visual field but not the left.

6 Mar 2006 - 1:18pm
10 years ago
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Ashley LaFrenais

Reminder: NYC IxDA Event: Adam Greenfield Discusses Ubiquitous Computing March 9 @ 6:30 pm

Our March NYC IxDA is this Thursday evening. We still have a few
spots available, so RSVP to nyc at ixda.org if you'd like to join us.
We'll have some snacks and schmoozing before and (briefly) after the
event. All the event details are below.

Adam Greenfield Discusses Ubiquitous Computing

From smart buildings that subtly adapt to the changing flow of
visitors, to gesture-based interfaces like the ones seen in Minority
Report, computing no longer looks much like it used to.

5 Mar 2006 - 3:21pm
10 years ago
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Beau Gould

[JOB] Python/C++ Developer, Greenwich, CT | 80-160k | Relo OK

Python/C++ Developer, Greenwich, CT | 80-160k | Relo OK

My Greenwich, CT client is looking for programmers fluent in Python and C++ to build and improve systems in a variety of areas, including mathematical programming, parallel computing, network servers, and user interfaces.