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10 Apr 2006 - 4:38pm
Robert Reimann

Fwd: Personas development - best practices


I think the main issue in using this as a primary method of persona
creation is that it doesn't really tell you anything about how someone
will expect to use your product. Personas encapsulate sets of motivations
and sets of usage patterns; personality types don't quite get there, and
may be a bit too reductive to be able to easily apply to the design of a

That said, this kind of information may be useful in fleshing out one's
understanding of personas once they have been generated from field

10 Apr 2006 - 2:53pm
Michael M. McCl...

ATM with an RFID chip

The first one I get is getting smashed instantly. IMHO, the tech is
nowhere near advanced enough for my money. Literally.

10 Apr 2006 - 2:02pm

[for sale] GEL conference

i thought that this audience might be interested in the topic here:

due to poor decisions on the part of my company's management, i have
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anyone interested?

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michel milano

10 Apr 2006 - 10:01am
Ashley LaFrenais

Reminder: NYC IxDA Wirefarm 2006 Event this Thursday April 13 from 6:30-8:30 pm

Our NYC IxDA Wirefarm '06 event is this Thursday evening! We still
have a few spaces available if you'd like to attend.

We will feature five 10-minute presentations from local designers,
each showing off current best practices in prototyping. Tools that
will be discussed include PowerPoint, Visio, Dreamweaver, InDesign,

The event will begin with some refreshments, so join us early to grab
a bite and chat with your peers.

Hope to see you there!

When: Thursday, April 13th, 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Parsons Design Lab
55 W. 13th St.

10 Apr 2006 - 2:58am
Petteri Hiisilä

Review of the Cooper Communicating Design Course


Here's a review of the Communicating Design Course that I took two
weeks ago. I hope you find it helpful, if you're trying to convince
your boss that you need to take it: http://www.cooper.com/content/

I'd recommend to take the Interaction Design Practicum before this
course, even if you're an experienced designer, because a detailed
understanding of the GDD process helps to put things in the right

9 Apr 2006 - 12:27pm
Narayan Kansal UM

Anyone who has appeared for NID, India studio test

Hello all,

My sister has got through written test for the post graduate programme
in Digital User Interfaces in NID, India. She will be appearing for
the Studio test in May. If anyone in this list has appeared for this
test, could you write me about the types of question asked in the test?


Narayan Kansal
Usability Consultant, ProQuest Information and Learning
Portfolio: http://www-personal.si.umich.edu/~kansaln/portfolio.htm
Cell: 443-739-4855

8 Apr 2006 - 9:07am
10 years ago
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Paul Menard

Question on appointment time selection for Web page

Greetings all,

Long time lurker, first time poster (please be gentle)

Working on a web development project that has started
some debate on the aspect of an appointment time entry
field start and end time. The client wants a basic form where
a user will enter information like the appointment name, date,
start time, end time and notes into web text entry fields.

In our opinion the fields for date and especially time should be
something that will provide control to allow consistent data entry.
Obvious selection for the date is a popup calendar.

7 Apr 2006 - 11:51pm

what's the obessions with Visio?/Prototypingtools

Thanks Lisa ;)

Working around any office today and you see clearly how engaged people are
with their PC's/email/IM etc (including yours truly) instead of
collaborating with people either via phone or in person. Almost in a trance
like state.

Back to the discussion ...

As part of moving sketches designs into illustrator we are also having
iterative critiques with stakeholders, both during the day and at the end of
the week to show how the application is coming together.

7 Apr 2006 - 1:35pm
10 years ago
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Dan Weese

Critique Requested: CooperInteractionDesignerTest

> This assumes the design is for a large, established bank. What if it's for
> a
> startup that wants to distinguish itself via exceptional ATM usability?

Well, you're assuming the banks make their own ATM's? I would say that's
not the case. A large bank would be the only one with the capital to change
ATM design. A smaller bank would simply pick one of the choices that's
available and buy it. I don't see a small bank paying the ATM manufacturer
to design the perfect ATM.

7 Apr 2006 - 12:37pm
10 years ago
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Markus Grupp-TM

Critique Requested: Cooper InteractionDesignerTest

>> A redesign would be very expensive given the huge install base.