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18 Sep 2006 - 1:55pm
Robert Reimann

IxDA 2006 Board Retreat: Report to Our Membership

IxDA 2006 Board Retreat: Report to Our Membership

Dear Members of IxDA,

The IxDA Board and I have recently held our annual Board Retreat, and
I am very excited by the results! As you may have noticed, while
several of our local organizations (NYC, Portland, Sweden, and Pune,
to name a few) have been very active, IxDA global leadership has been
somewhat muted for the past 6-8 months.

18 Sep 2006 - 9:07am

NYC IA Meetup, this Wed., 9/20

Hi everyone - just a reminder for those who are in the NYC area that
we are having our monthly NYC IA Meetup this coming Wed.
(9/20). Whether you've been doing information architecture for a while
or you're new to the field, come to the NYC IA Meetup for informal
discussion and to make new contacts.

This will likely be our last outdoor Meetup (in Bryant Park) for the season.
More info about the event at http://ia.meetup.com/14/events/5081502/

Hope to see you there!

- Anders
NYC IA Meetup Organizer

18 Sep 2006 - 8:55am

Best practices: on-load drop-down selection

Good morning,

I'm looking for a best practice for a form heavy web application.

17 Sep 2006 - 9:46pm
Dan Saffer

Computer Chips with Frikken' Laser Beams on their Heads!


"Researchers plan to announce on Monday that they have created a
silicon-based chip that can produce laser beams.

17 Sep 2006 - 8:35pm
Itamar Medeiros

JOB: Interactive Media Design Lecturing Position, Shanghai (PRChina), Raffles Design Institute, Full-Time

My name is Itamar Medeiros, from Brazil, currently living in Shanghai,
China, where I hold a lecturing position as the Degree Leader of the
BA (Honours) Visual Communication and the BA (Honours) Design for
Multimedia programs at the Visual Communication Department of Raffles
Design Institute.

I thought you'd might be interesting in knowing that we are currently
recruiting for teachers with industry experience, passion and interest
in teaching, to join us in our campus in Shanghai.

17 Sep 2006 - 3:15pm

IxD F2F in Sweden on Sept the 21:st

Hi All

The 21:st is the Third Thursday of September. That means seasons
premiere for TT. Swedish IxDers meet after work in Malmö, Gothernburg
and Stockholm to have a drink and a chat about IxD. Please join in!
People usually come and go all night but If you want to make sure that
you'll meet someone, use the forums at http://thirdthursday.se and
announce that you're coming too. That's also where you'll find other
info of interest like announcment list and pictures from previous

In Gothenburg at Delirium Café, Kronhusgatan 2B.

17 Sep 2006 - 1:00pm
9 years ago
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peter sikking

IxD in Open Source Software projects

David wrote:

> As someone with little to no experience with Open Source
> interaction design projects, I would be really interested to hear
> from those of you about your experiences on these projects.

After 13 years of working on the interaction of commercial software
and a couple of years being involved with open source, including
regular discussion on integration at the openUsability meetings
here in Berlin, I can tell you the following:

It never ceases to amaze me how 100% identical commercial and
open source development is.

16 Sep 2006 - 8:22pm
Jennifer Boral

User Experience postions available @ Avenue A | Razorfish

With over 100 User Experience professionals across all our offices,
Avenue A | Razorfish offers a lively community of designers and a
company that understands the complexities of user-centered design

Our work includes complex transactional financial services applications,
rich media microsites for major consumer brands, employee portals and
partner extranets, plus sites for newspapers and magazines you love (and
the advertising that supports them too!).

16 Sep 2006 - 11:15am
9 years ago
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Rizwan Javaid

Cognitive Science degree a good option?

Hi Everybody, I have been a Web designer for almost 6 years now and I want to move into the Interaction design field. I am currently at University of Texas at Dallas and working towards a BA in Arts and Technology. I would like to get some opinions as to wether I should also get a BA in Cognitive science since they do not offer an Interaction design degree or just get my BA in ATEC and then find another university that does offer a more focused degree. What do you think?Thanks,Rizwan

16 Sep 2006 - 9:35am
Dave Malouf

IxD in Open Source Software projects (was RE: XGL Linux Desktop GUI)

As someone with little to no experience with Open Source interaction design
projects, I would be really interested to hear from those of you about your
experiences on these projects.

If anyone is in the NYC area, I'd even would be interested in inviting such
a person to speak at the IxDA NYC series.

A good case study or an experience case of your work on an OSS would be
really interesting, at least to me.

-- dave