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14 Sep 2006 - 10:37am

User Interface Designer, New York City, NY


My client is looking for UI Designers.


The User Experience Designer is an analytic problem solver that can synthesize user research and business requirements into intuitive web page solutions and specifications for enterprise-wide portal applications.

14 Sep 2006 - 10:07am
Walker Hamilton

looking for.....


I'm looking for a senior information architect, or someone who could
fill the role who also lives in Chicagoland.

It would entail:
Information gathering through competitive analysis, requirements
gathering and user research, this position will lead the development
of wireframes, task flow analysis, functional requirements
documentation and other deliverables to represent the layout, flow
and organization of (a fortune 500 company's) e-commerce web sites
and product releases.

Please help me find a name or number. Get in contact with me via
phone or email.

14 Sep 2006 - 9:51am
Paul de Curnou

Automatically Turn Photoshop Artwork into Working GUIs

Altia announces PhotoProto(tm), a tool that automatically turns Adobe(R)
Photoshop(R) artwork into working user interface prototypes.

With PhotoProto, product designers save significant time and expense by
minimizing complex multimedia authoring, scripting or programming. Market
winning, user-friendly products get to market in a fraction of the time.

To use PhotoProto, artists simply arrange and name the layers in their
Photoshop artwork.

14 Sep 2006 - 9:39am
Marc Resnick

CRM Usability


I have done some extensive work on CRM usability, including some full-day
short courses. I would be happy to send you some information.

14 Sep 2006 - 8:47am
Robert Reimann

[JOB] Senior/Principal Designer at Bose Corporation | Framingham, MA

Senior/Principal UI Designer at Bose Corporation

The User Experience group at Bose is looking for world-class user
experience / user interface / interaction designers to help us create
our next generation of easy to use, elegant, high-performance personal
and home entertainment products. Your job will be to create desirable
and practical design solutions through a process of user research, user
modeling, concept synthesis, and detail refinement.

14 Sep 2006 - 8:44am
9 years ago
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Mark Schraad

Interaction Design as a worldwide-acceptedprofession

You would probably be better off finding a good Industrial Design program. They tend to be more diverse and multidimensional. Many graphic design and industrial design programs are either divided between studio skills and design thinking... but the ID schools, in general, seem to be ahead of the curve. A lot of the undergraduate programs in the US are still focused on cranking our graphic artists... that have computer software skills.

13 Sep 2006 - 5:16pm
Josh Seiden

Interaction Design as aworldwide-accepted profession

One of the founding propositions of IxDA is that IxD is a discipline that
can be practiced within many professional contexts. People who practice IxD
have many titles, including "Interaction Designer", "Usability Engineer",
"Information Architect" Cat Wrangler, Butterfly Herder, etc.

We decided to focus IxDA on the development of the discipline, and to
support anyone else who was interested in doing so, regardless of title.

13 Sep 2006 - 4:54pm
9 years ago
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Lorne Trudeau

Interaction Design asa worldwide-accepted profession

I sure hope so; otherwise I've got to get my business cards reprinted!


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13 Sep 2006 - 3:50pm

[JOB] User Experience Designer, Herndon, VA | 60-95k [STILL AVAILABLE]

[JOB] User Experience Designer, Herndon, VA | 60-95k [STILL AVAILABLE]

My client is looking for someone who can create user-centric process
flows & page layouts from functional requirements (in the form of
wireframes). Additionally, the candidate will possess strong strategic
skills to work through the use cases behind the UI (writing the UI

If you have a passion for e-commerce, design, & usability, they offer
the opportunity to have you develop UI that will be used by millions of
our online customers.

13 Sep 2006 - 3:22pm
9 years ago
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Esteban Barahona

Interaction Design as a worldwide-accepted profession

Hi (first post ^_^ ),

There are some people that want to start a useful profession as an
Interaction Designer. I think it should be a career on its own right, not a
hybrid graphic design/software engineering pseudo-career.

Currently (at least where I live, Costa Rica), there's not one single
University that teach Interaction Design as one profession.