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13 Mar 2007 - 6:50pm

The role of IxDA in career and practice building???


* Mentoring - This was mentioned in an earlier thread, but I think it's an
awesome idea.
* Active Training
* Clearly Defined Job Descriptions
* Certifications - This one is a little scary.
* Address the questions from the business folk about how IxD makes/saves
* Peer review of designs/concepts that respect IP, so the business folk get
on board and feel comfortable sharing.

Josh Viney
EastMedia Group

13 Mar 2007 - 5:35pm
Steve Baty

Still got a way to go...

As much as we've made a great deal of progress over the past 8-10 years, the
following comment from a Web developer to a public list just goes to show
we've still got room to improve... The comment was made in response to a
reference to wireframes as a design document.

"I've never seen any such tools used for this... maybe that happens only in
the rarified atmopshere of large corporations or government departments...
...wirefames? ...

13 Mar 2007 - 1:24pm
9 years ago
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Wendy Fischer

windows vista icons

Does anybody know if there is a style guide and/or instructions for making Windows Vista icons?


Wendy Fischer

13 Mar 2007 - 1:11pm
Karen Graham

[JOB] - Senior UX Designer - NY Midtown - Financial Industry

This job was previously posted as a contract position - it has been updated
to a Full Time Employee Position.

Senior UX Designer

Experience: 5+ years

Company: ITG - Investment Technology Group

Location: New York City - Midtown

Status: Full Time Employee

Travel: 0-25%

The company:

ITG Investment Technology Group, Inc.R (NYSE:ITG), is a specialized
brokerage firm that partners with clients globally to provide innovative
solutions spanning the entire trading process.

13 Mar 2007 - 12:12pm
Laura Keller

JOB - Information Architect @ Rosetta Marketing, Central NJ

*Position Summary:*

Leading and growing interactive consulting agency is seeking an Information
Architect to join our User Experience team.

13 Mar 2007 - 10:57am
9 years ago
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Todd Warfel

ANN: Book in Progress on Prototyping

Rosenfeld Media is proud to announce that Todd Zaki Warfel has begun
work on
a book on developing prototypes. "A Practitioner's Guide to Prototyping"
will help you quickly flesh out your design ideas, test your
and gather real-time feedback from users. The book will discuss how
prototypes are more than just a design tool, demonstrating how they
can help
you market a product, gain internal buy-in, and test feasibility with
development team.

Todd is a founding partner at Messagefirst, where he focuses on
design-research for consumer and b2b products.

13 Mar 2007 - 10:26am
John Ennis

JOB: Information Architect, Northern Virginia, Full Time, RECRUITER

A Northern Virginia based telecommunications company is looking for a
talented individual to fill the dual role of Information Architect and
Interaction Designer for a strategic new business unit within the company.
This position owns the information architecture, navigation, interaction and
user experience; researches and defines user needs, business goals and
requirements; and coordinates with the product manager, creative/art lead,
technical managers, project manager and other leads to inform, design and
facilitate the technical build.



13 Mar 2007 - 9:31am

OLPC running on OSX (and other OS's)

Following the general instructions on this wiki I was able to get Sugar
running on my powerpc OSX, initiated from this post on BoingBoing:


Virtual machine;

13 Mar 2007 - 8:42am
9 years ago
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Kiesel, Jeffrey...

Selling the Value of UX to Mgmt

Hi All,

My group has recently been challenged by some of management, who don't
buy into the value that a UX team has. They seem to think we should use
existing software components (most of which were created around 2000 -
not in good shape) and just re-skin them. These web applications are
outdated, and have inherent usability problems. Our team wants to
design new software from scratch, using UCD techniques.

We're trying to come up with a very short but effective presentation
outlining the following:

* What does a UX team do?

13 Mar 2007 - 5:25am
6 years ago
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Dave Malouf

The role of IxDA in career and practice building??? (was More interactive jobs / less interactive talent ?)

Someone in this recent thread about jobs acknowledged with me that the
current space for career development for interaction designers is not
there and that doing something about it is what this community is all
about. Total paraphrase.

So ... the short question is What can IxDA be doing to more
pro-actively change the situation?