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12 Mar 2007 - 9:46pm
9 years ago
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iPhone Pinch Interaction - useful?

Dear All,

When the pinch interaction was demo-ed with iPhone, I had a pretty
positive response, but as I thought more about it and discussed with a
few colleagues around, I am not sure if that kind of interaction would
be very useful in a small device, or any other device where only one
hand is used.

I see interactions like sliders, scrollbars, light switches, joysticks
etc.. where people control the "degree" of something.. These are what
people are used to, where one end is fixed and other can be dragged to
control the value.

12 Mar 2007 - 5:29pm
Scott Weiss

Course: UE Benchmarking, NYC & SF

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12 Mar 2007 - 4:25pm
Phillip Hunter

JOB: NYC Technical Writer

Of course I know that this is an IxD list, but many of us designers know
tech writers. So, if you know one who's available or looking, we need to
fill the following position fast. Contact me off-list, please.

Technical Writer and Trainer

SpeechCycle is a leading provider of automated agents for the cable and
communications industry for Triple Play technical support using speech
recognition technology. Our LevelOne automated agents interact with
callers over the phone to troubleshoot and resolve technical support
problems and answer other customer service inquiries.

12 Mar 2007 - 3:28pm
8 years ago
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Daphne Ogle

IXD teams on the org chart

Hello all,

I'm interested in hearing how your IXD teams fit into your overall
organizations. We are going through some growing pains at my
organization and are trying to find the right place for our IXD team
to fit...mostly from a reporting structure. I started with the
organization about 1 1/2 years ago as the first interaction designer
on their team. I reported directly to the associate director (AD)
along with our product managers.

12 Mar 2007 - 2:26pm
9 years ago
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Number of search results to display

My team and I are currently designing a desktop application that
contains a search. I have been trying to find out what the magic number
is for displaying search results before the user finally gives up and
enters more criteria to narrow the results. More than likely, these
users know exactly what they are searching for and probably would not
return a list of 10,000 results, but we have decided that we wouldn't
prevent them from doing this.

Our current solution is to display "x" number of results, but inform
them that "x" was found. Does anyone know the magic #?

12 Mar 2007 - 1:08pm
9 years ago
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Allison Beckwith

Track changes

Hi there. I was wondering if anyone knew of some good examples of a
simple, well implemented track changes feature. We are looking to
create a replacement for MS Word track changes in a web app,
including the ability to accept or reject changes. The things I am
most concerned about:

* Showing what has changed
* Showing who made what changes
* Allowing someone to accept or reject changes
* Possibly including notes along with changes and/or notes about
things that need to be changed.

If you know of any examples that do well in one or more of these
areas, I'd love for you to share.

12 Mar 2007 - 11:40am
9 years ago
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Leah Cunningham

good examples of stacked / "window blind" left nav

I need some good examples of this to show a client I am proposing this
solution to.

I know a lot of people are starting to do this, but I need some examples
of successful implementations in order to get them on board.


Leah Cunningham

12 Mar 2007 - 10:18am
9 years ago
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Dan Brown

ISO: Pop-up window icons

I'm doing a usability test and I'd like to test the effectiveness of
icons that communicate "opens new window". If you have a favorite icon
on the web, please send along a link!

-- Dan

} work: eightshapes.com
} book: communicatingdesign.com
} blog: greenonions.com
} talk: +1 (301) 801-4850

12 Mar 2007 - 9:38am
6 years ago
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Wunderlich, Judith

More interactive jobs / less interactive talent ?

Here in Chicago I am definitely seeing more interactive jobs, both permanent
and contract, and less people available to fill them. My colleagues around
the U.S. are seeing the same thing.

What about everyone on this list who hires or recruits? Do you agree,
disagree, have any observations?

And, most importantly, is there anything we, who need talent, can do to
address and solve this?


Judi Wunderlich
Director of Recruiting
8410 W. Bryn Mawr, Suite 600, Chicago, IL 60631
Phone: 773 695 9564

12 Mar 2007 - 6:38am
9 years ago
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Daniel Williams

Examples of product displays

I amLooking for examples of great product displays, such as Scene 7. However
I want examples where the user can zoom in on specific features of a
product, change colour and rotate product in 3d space to see both front and
rear views. Examples of this used in fashion sites would be preferable.

Thanks for the help