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3 May 2007 - 8:51am
9 years ago
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Maral Haar

Incentives in medical domain

Hi everybody,

I work at a company who develops medical devices. There are strict
regulations concerning bribary in this domain. Becuase of that my boss
is very concerned about giving incentives to nurses or doctors who
participate in an usability test or a focus group or something

Does anybody here also work in the medical domain or a similar
regulated area? How do you handle incentives for users who participate
in evaluations of prototypes or requirement analysises?

Thanks in advance,


3 May 2007 - 7:31am
9 years ago
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Dave Malouf

hows this for a simple interface?


The above link takes you to a blog entry and in it a screenshot of a
CAD interface. CAD interfaces are infamous for being incredibly
complex. This takes it to the other extreme.

Personally, I think there is something missing here. Communication layer.
When I deal with paper and pencil (the inspiration here), there is a
long history of use and well my schooling in it. Think about it.

2 May 2007 - 5:15pm

Job, Senior User Experience Designer For World's Leading Company Seattle. Recruiter

Bestica Inc is helping World's leading company with their need of Sr User
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Desktop Applications in a very technical environment. Experience with any
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2 May 2007 - 3:10pm
Thomas J. Froehlich

Online Graduate Certificate in Knowledge Management at Kent State

Online Graduate Certificate in Knowledge Management:

An online graduate certificate course in Knowledge Management (KM) will begin this August at Kent State University. Using the internet to link students, instructors and world renowned guest experts, students will emerge from the six, fifteen-week classes with applicable skills and understanding of how to capture tacit knowledge, how to tap organizational expertise, how to facilitate knowledge sharing, how to gather competitive intelligence and how to enhance organizational learning.

2 May 2007 - 12:27pm
Billie Mandel

JOB: Mobile software design VisD/IxD, Redwood City CA (contract)

Openwave's design team is looking for a passionate and talented senior level Visual Designer who also speaks Interaction Design (will consider vice versa under the right circumstances) to design cutting edge mobile software products! We have several next-generation, exciting end-user facing products in our pipeline, and a real opportunity for the design team to make a significant contribution to the success of the products and the company.

2 May 2007 - 10:59am
9 years ago
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Valerie Gomez d...

what control to use?

Hello all,

I am working on a project that requires the ability to assign a user in the
system to a role. There are three roles to choose from and each role
provides rights to certain screens and tools.
If you choose the third role, you also need to select from a list of rights
that user will have. Note: this is something that will not happen often.

Something like this....

( ) role one
( ) role two
(.) role three
[] right 1
[] right 2
[] right 3
[] right 4
[] right 5

As you can see, I need ideas as to how to better present this to the user.

Thank you,

2 May 2007 - 10:26am
Brooke Mackay

JOB: UI Designer - long term contract - Seattle, WA - FILTER (recruiter)

UI Designer
FILTER is a leading creative-resources company that offers staffing
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We are looking for an experienced UI designers for a long-term contract
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2 May 2007 - 6:32am
9 years ago
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Steve Baty

Multi-lingual transactional Web sites

My apologies if this post seems off-topic, but I have a question which falls
into the category of 'user experience' and so here I am...

We are in the process of evaluating a large e-business site for a global
business. Parts of the site are available in languages other than English,
but none of the site's primary transactional functions have been translated:
these are only available in English.

The nature of the service/product being sold is complex. It requires a great
deal of knowledge about the service/product being purchased in order to
complete a transaction.

1 May 2007 - 10:56pm
9 years ago
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Nasir Barday

NYC IxDA Event: Industrial Design and IxD, Wednesday, May 23rd

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to everyone who came out to last week's social at Eight Mile
Creek! This month, Ted Booth, Senior Design Manager at Motorola
Enterprise Mobility, will talk about his experiences as an Interaction
Designer working with Industrial Designers.

1 May 2007 - 6:26pm
Weston Thompson

Event: 5/31/07 Planning meeting for LA chapter of the Information Architecture Institute

Mark your calendars for a planning meeting as we establish a Los
Angeles chapter of the Information Architecture Institute.

Thursday, May 31, 2007
7:00 PM
Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Online
1025 Grand Central Avenue
Glendale, CA 91201

A few of us have been tossing ideas around for a few weeks, and we'd
like to get a group of LA IAs together to agree on a plan going
forward. No need to be a member of the Information Architecture
Institute. No need to be an IA. We welcome all those with an
interest in IA.