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1 May 2007 - 2:38pm
9 years ago
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Bruce Esrig

Introducing UX design in an agile environment

I recently completed a project in which the development team was changing
over to an Agile approach. We divided the problem space up into domains,
each addressed by a solution team.

On this project, there were two roles to talk to: systems engineers and
developers. The systems engineers seemed to think about a lot of the same
issues that a user experience designer would, but from a systems point of
view: what goes on each page ... to feed the needs of the system.

1 May 2007 - 2:09pm
Jon Ward

JOB: Information Architect, San Jose or San Luis Obispo CA, Web Associates, Full-time

Web Associates is an interactive agency that designs, develops and
integrates enterprise Web systems for global organizations. We combine
our creative talent with the application development and IT expertise
of an Internet technology firm to deliver both business innovation and
financial results. Our strategists, designers, developers, and network
specialists provide a single-source solution for deploying effective web
The Information Architect is a critical member of the Web Associates

1 May 2007 - 2:05pm
9 years ago
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Introducing UX design in an agile environment

Hi all,

I've recently started a new role as the first UX designer in a company
practicing an agile development process. I'm now working on an
internal presentation to introduce UX principles within an agile

So far, I've found a number of resources that aim to explain agile
approaches to UX practitioners, but very little along the lines of
explaining UX principles and practices to agile developers. Does
anyone have any pointers they'd be willing to share?



1 May 2007 - 8:53am
9 years ago
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Producer, Strategist, Experience Lead

There was an interesting discussion last week about a job posting
from our company, Wechsler. But I was traveling and unable to respond.

We're a fairly small team and the Producer role developed
organically. That person takes charge of the project and all direct
contact with the client from kickoff to launch. He or she handles
most of the discovery/strategy/IA phase, and then directs editors,
designers and site builders to complete the project. The direction of
these professionals is more in terms of usability and adherence to
strategy than dictating aesthetics.

1 May 2007 - 7:25am

vol-visitor program in Interaction Design

Istanbul Kadir Has University
12th International Interaction Design Winter Workshop
VOL-VISITOR program:
HISTORICAL BEYOGLU and its interaction

we are seeking a supervisor for our winter workshop to develop and
conduct interaction design studio answering the question ¨how a
historical entertainment place meets interaction design?¨.

The workshop will runs in 3 days at February 2008
We provide accommodation, meals and 450 EUR for flight ticket.

All proposal and relevant CV must be sent not later then June 1, 2007

Prof.Dr.Oguzhan Ozcan

Please see detail of Beyoglu