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27 Jul 2007 - 7:08pm
Marcia McLaughlin

JOB: Visual Designer - Ramp Group - Bellevue, WA

Visual Designer - Ramp Technology Group - Bellevue, WA
www.rampgroup.com <http://www.rampgroup.com/>

Ramp Technology Group's User Experience (UX) practice is growing!

Seattle - - Ramp Technology Group , LLC has been named one of
Washington's Best 100 Companies to Work For by Washington CEO Magazine.

We are looking for a full time Visual Designer to help build an award
winning UX design team.

27 Jul 2007 - 4:07pm
9 years ago
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The world without oil (was: User Experience Strategy)

I watched the movie and personally found it very interesting.
And now I have a curiosity and a design / thinking challenge for all of us:
How do we see the world without oil? What would be different? How would
everything be designed?

27 Jul 2007 - 2:05pm
9 years ago
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Dave Malouf

TechCrunch defends the life of the "user"


In a recent post the folks at TechCrunch talk about how many want to
kill off the "user", or at least the word describing it.

one person says that people are users if they use a Dishwasher, then
why a computer.

27 Jul 2007 - 1:00pm
Steve August

JOB: Interaction Design Lead, Revelation, Full-time

Portland-based Revelation (www.revelationglobal.com) is looking for a
gifted interaction designer with excellent front-end development
skills to join our agile development team.

We are looking for a person with the right blend of design
sensibility, experience and front-end development chops (CSS,
javascript, html, Flash) to assume leadership of Revelation’s
interaction design.

27 Jul 2007 - 11:58am
Patricia Mourthé

[IxDA] JOB - UE Designer - San Francisco CA - Recruiter - Full time

I'm posting it on behalf of the recruiter. If you are interested please contact:

Jean Hand - Recruiter
Top Dog Staffing
jean at topdogstaffing.com / topdogstaffing at yahoo.com


Patricia Mourthe - UI Designer


I have been engaged to find a strong Designer for San Francisco.

27 Jul 2007 - 9:59am
9 years ago
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White, Jeff

Visualization: taxonomy and dependencies

I'm working on possible visualizations for a large taxonomy my company
uses to describe our products. To give a quick example, say we sell
watches. There are lots of possible "facets" like brand, size, material,
etc. Each of the facets have values, so the brand facet would have
values like fossil, rolex, etc. Many people across the company can add
descriptive data about a product as it moves through our supply chain.
There is also a smaller set of users who manage this taxonomy. Those
people need to create, manage and view what we're calling

27 Jul 2007 - 7:00am
9 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Last night's event in NYC


Last night was an amazing summer time event. We had over 50 people
come to listen to Chris Fahey's talk on interaction design and style.
I particularly loved 2 aspects.

1. That no matter how much we try to avoid style, you are always in some style.
2. That heck, envisioning the style (or look and feel) from the
beginning of a design is not a bad thing.

27 Jul 2007 - 6:48am
Mark Schraad

Remote controls

speaking of remotes...

There is an article on the business week site about Steve Jobs'
dislike of buttons - both shirt and interface. I did a short inquiry
with friends (hardly scientific) and amongst our group we found that
most of us use far less than 20% of the buttons on our combined
remote controls. In my living room alone, I have four of them. But I
have two buttons I would like to add:

A) the advertisement kill button.

27 Jul 2007 - 6:46am
9 years ago
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quality of written text depends on the tool

Steven Pemberton cites[1,2] a study with the following result:

* Writing with a pen and paper, people produce less text, but of higher quality
* Writing with a computer, people write more text, but
- with a text editor they produce lower quality
- with a WYSIWYG editor they produce higher quality

Does anyone know the source of the study?

[1] http://www.w3.org/2004/Talks/05-steven-XMLEuropeKeynote/
[2] http://iavoice.typepad.com/ia_

27 Jul 2007 - 5:36am
Karen Pascoe

JOB: JPMorgan, User Exerience Leads & Designers, New York City, FT/Contract

User Experience Leads/User Experience Designers, Full-time or
Contract, New York City
JPMorgan Chase – Treasury and Securities Services, Client Access

The wholesale banking division of JPMorgan Chase is expanding our User
Experience team. We are dedicated to best practices in user-centered
design as seek to revamp the way our global client base interacts with
us online.

We are looking for creative professionals to join our team who have
demonstrated expertise in information architecture, interaction design
and related disciplines.