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18 Sep 2007 - 5:27am
8 years ago
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Morten Hjerde

See-through mobile with multi-touch on the back

Video showing simulated see-through screen for multi-touch from the back!


They call it Lucid Touch and envision this used for two-handed mobile
devices. If you are interested in touch screens and have not seen it, its a
must see.

Morten Hjerde

18 Sep 2007 - 4:22am
Mudit Mittal

User Centered Design Process for Mobile Ecosystem


I'm studying various phases involved in the mobile design process and would
like to know if there is any defined process in place (for eg. Softwares
have various defined processes covering the whole spectrum of development)

I've studied various papers, but no where I could find a reference to a well
defined User Centered Design process considering that the designer is going
to design for the mobile ecosystem.

Please let me know if anybody has come across any defined process.

17 Sep 2007 - 9:57pm

EVENT: Conn. UPA Meeting on Sept. 19th

The Connecticut Chapter of UPA welcomes Todd Zaki Warfel on Wednesday,
September 19, 2007. Todd will be speaking on Data Driven Personas.

The details:

When: September 19, 2007 at 6:30pm

Where: Pitney Bowes Inc.
35 Waterview Dr.
Technology Application Center, 3rd floor
Shelton, CT 06484

Check in with security personnel in the lobby of 35
Waterview Dr.
Someone will be there to meet you and escort you

17 Sep 2007 - 6:18pm
8 years ago
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Jim Scarola4

Modular/contextual interaction design

I'm doing some research into sites that use a modular/contextual design
approach, and was wondering if anybody knew of any examples. I'll use the
concept of iGoogle to illustrate exactly what I mean…

Say I'd like to add more content to my personalized homepage. To do so, I
click "Add Stuff" and this takes me to a separate area that contains a
catalog of available widgets. Even though I mentally recall that I'm adding
content to my homepage, this area is visually independent of the homepage

Now, consider another approach.

17 Sep 2007 - 1:22pm
8 years ago
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Clickless Web Interface?

Immediately reaction - and I can pull down the heuristic about this - when a
form pops up to ask me how I felt about the interface - i accidentally
selected something and voted -
There was no user feedback - and no way to cancel a bad selection. The
ability to get reinforcement from an action, and to escape from a bad one -
or Undo - it a critical human factors flaw in the clickless interface.
Also - there is only one way to navigate and select things. This is very
poor for all non-gestural user navigation interfaces - Kiosks, hand-helds -

17 Sep 2007 - 1:01pm
8 years ago
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Mark Schraad

What Makes a Good Design Conference (was: DUX2007?)

tell me, but then let me try, and then tell me again.

engaging the audience in participation rather than talk at me?

lectures are comfortable, but for methods, workshop formats can be more effective. since i paid the money let me play.

On Monday, September 17, 2007, at 01:52PM, "W Evans" <wkevans4 at gmail.com> wrote:
>To this I would only add:
>> 1. The quality of the content being presented.
>> 2.

17 Sep 2007 - 12:41pm
Lim, Nam Ee

JOB: Sr. Human Factors/Interaction Designer, on Lake Michigan, within 90 minutes of Chicago, Recruiter, Full time

Job #: 4086
Title: Senior Human Factors/Interaction Designer
Location: on Lake Michigan, within 90 minutes of Chicago
Compensation: competitive base and potentially very generous bonus, plus
excellent large company benefits

Design is at the heart of our client Whirlpool Corporation, a global
consumer products company driven by innovation and design in their quest
to help people manage and enjoy their lives by providing products that
appeal to both their hearts and minds.

17 Sep 2007 - 12:16pm
8 years ago
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Microsoft's Ribbon?

A while back, there was a lot of chatter about the MS Ribbon... but around
patenting issues. Since Office 2007 has been out for some time now, I'm
surprised that I haven't seen a whole lot of mention (or complaining!) about
this new paradigm here, considering MS has basically attempted to redefine
the desktop UI from the weathered (and tired?) pull-down menu method to a
whole new task-based "right tools at the right time" approach.


I'd love to hear people's thoughts on their use of the Ribbon in various
Office products.

Granted, it's a shift, and that requires learning.

17 Sep 2007 - 12:05pm
Pat Barford

Ethnographic Research for 6-12 year olds: Anythoughts?

Here's something to consider when working in groups. Depending on how
you structure them, you'll see differences in how all girl, all boy, and
girl-boy groups behave. Research on age group shows that girls and boys
interact differently with media and when paired with girls, boys usually
tent to take control and leave the girls out of the equation. The all
girl groups will genially collaborate on decision making and include

17 Sep 2007 - 11:37am
8 years ago
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Julian McCrea

Ethnographic Research for 6-12 year olds: Any thoughts?

Hey guys,

First time post, long time listener to this thought-provoking 'community
of practice' ;)

I am doing some ethnographic research with 6-12 year old children (10 in
sample, 50/50 mix between boys and girls, across ethnicities). This is
quite a large age range so we are choosing 9 year olds (for the sake of
our project).

The objective of the research is to a) find out their digital behaviour
for a day b) find out their views of our client.

Just wondered if any one else has any pointers for this age group? First
thoughts that came into mind:

1) Single or group?