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9 Jan 2008 - 3:49pm

Gadgets are great... if your customers can figure them out.

Here's a good article from The Consumerist... it states that consumers
often return electronic gadgets under the assumption that they don't work,
when in fact, they just can't figure out how they work.... to the tune of
$14 billion per year.

9 Jan 2008 - 3:04pm
8 years ago
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Grady Kelly

Icons VS Labels and Localization ...

Hello Everyone ...

I am designing a softphone application. We plan to offer the application in
various languages, Spanish, German, Japanese and of course English. In my
design I opted to use labels for various actions such as "Transfer" "Hold"
"Conference" or "Hangup." I did this for a few reasons:

1. Phones use text to describe their functionality already, and people
understand what those actions are.
2. I figured that it would be easier to translate those actions to the
other languages.

9 Jan 2008 - 3:02pm
8 years ago
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Arena Reed

Directory of People and Companies (Request for Design Inspiration)

I'm creating a basic (but beautiful and easy to use) web-based directory of
companies and contacts.

Any favorite designs that I might look at to see how other people have
elegantly presented this type of information?

A couple of my favorites:

Get Satisfaction's Company Directory
easy to search and see what's fresh...

9 Jan 2008 - 2:03pm
8 years ago
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Vishal Subraman...

Working with Business/ Sales teams

This particularly relates ad-supported business models etc.

Firstly, how is the UX team (& the product building teams in general)
related to the Business/ Sales teams? The answer to the second
question will probably be a factor of the first, but what's the nature
of negotiations between the two, esp when there is a conflict of
interest (as there often is).

Take a hypothetical example- Sales wants to put a 300x250 in addition
to the already existing banner & tower ads.

9 Jan 2008 - 10:29am

OLPC mechanical design

http://www.bunniestudios.com/blog/?p=218 has a step-by-step
disassembly of the XO laptop, analyzing it from a mechanical design
point of view. This is only tangentially related to the issues raised
in earlier discussion about defects in the usability of the OS/UI, but
I think it's relevant to consider in terms of the holistic user
experience of the product. To wit, the best UI design in the world
won't matter if the hardware breaks down in a few weeks.

9 Jan 2008 - 10:17am
8 years ago
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Gloria Petron

Need ideas for green-themed prizes to promote "GoPaperless" launch

Thank you to everybody for these fantastic ideas. I *knew* this would be a
great place to ask!

I'm going to the next step now, which is to present these ideas to our
I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Thanks again!

On Jan 9, 2008 9:57 AM, Barford, Patricia <PBarford at epcor.ca> wrote:

> There are all kinds of things that fit with the paperless motif. What
> about tin water bottles, a litterless lunch kit, bicycle swag?

9 Jan 2008 - 9:59am
8 years ago
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Susie Robson

Boston usability community party

If anyone is interested in the pictures from the Boston Usability
community party that was held last night by many of the local usability
groups, click on the link below. Either the theme of the party was
"close your eyes" or my timing was a bit off in taking some of the
pictures. There were over 180 people that attended and a good time was
had by all.


Susie Robson
The MathWorks
Sr. Usability Specialist

8 Jan 2008 - 8:35pm
Nasir Barday

Reminder: NYC IxDA Event: Sustainable Interactions. 01/24/08, 6:30PM

Hi Everyone,

We're running low on spaces in NYC for the Sustainable Interactions
panel! Come see how Interaction Design can make a significant social
impact. Frog Design's Robert Fabricant will moderate a panel with
people from Core77, Columbia University, O2NYC, and NYU's Interactive
Telecommunications Program (see below for details). If you'd like to
come, please send an RSVP with the names and e-mail addresses of any
guests to nyc-rsvp (at) ixda (dot) org.

Thursday, January 24, 2008. 6:30 PM.
Where: Midtown Manhattan.

8 Jan 2008 - 6:52pm

JOB: Interaction Designer, Denver CO, Full Time

Hello there,

My company CQG is looking to add an Interaction Designer to our UX team.
Please respond directly to pashmina at cqg.com if you are interested. See job
posting below. Thanks!

Do you have the desire to work on a product that directly affects a
customer's bottom line and through which they make decisions involving
millions of dollars a day?

8 Jan 2008 - 6:34pm
Andrei Herasimchuk

PLUG: Involution Master Academy, Winter 2008

A quick plug for those who might be interested. Involution is
bringing back Luke Wroblewski and Steve Portigal for the Involution
Master Academy Winter 2008 class schedule. Both Luke and Steve had
great results with their previous classes and these promise to be
just as good.

You'll note we've also added Lou Rosenfeld and Dirk Knemeyer to the
calendar. Their new classes promise to be informative and insightful!


The Involution Master Academy recently released its Winter 2008
semester for open registration.