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10 Feb 2008 - 10:14am
8 years ago
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Karen Landis

Working with Product Analysts/Manager

I was responding to the Cooper thread but thought this might be a different topic. I agree that spending time on the IxD of a product before requirements are written in theory should result in a stronger, more innovative product. The problem I've run into in my last two positions (ecommerce and now, media) is that the product analysts/managers view any pre-requirements work as their role. They want to do the research, then they write requirements which state how the product should be designed and they are the decision makers during design. Ultimately, they drive the design.

10 Feb 2008 - 8:44am
8 years ago
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Marc Rettig

Interaction08 - missing piece of the conversation

I'm writing this from my hotel room at Interaction 08, where we're about to
start the final day of the conference. Kudos to everyone involved. I imagine
you've caused hundreds of thousands of good conversations. I'm well into the
double-digits already, so far as my part in those conversations is

But I've noticed a topic missing from these conversations, and I thought I
would bring it up here before the conference ends.

10 Feb 2008 - 4:48am
8 years ago
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How to transition from technical writer to interaction designer?

Hi folks,

I need your advice.

I am a technical writer, and I want to be an interaction designer. How do I
get there from here?

Do I need to go back to school or not? If so, what is the best course to
take? HCI at a more CS-oriented institution or an interaction design course
at a design school? (From what I can see, most IxD courses at design schools
require you to already have some sort of portfolio...)

(I live in Israel but I am a British citizen, so any school in Israel or
Europe is a possibility. N.

10 Feb 2008 - 1:08am
8 years ago
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Charlie Kreitzberg

Thoughts on Alan Cooper's Keynote

When Alan Cooper delivered the opening keynote at Interactions08 this
morning, I was once again struck by how sensible his view is. As I
understood his core argument, it was:

1. We know that the best interactive products are not the first to
market but the ones that have the best quality design.

2. Business managers often fail to understand this because they do not
know how to manage "creatives" among whom he numbers both interaction
designers and programmers.

3. The typical business approach is to develop requirements and then
build the product.

9 Feb 2008 - 5:31pm
8 years ago
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Juhan Sonin

Question: Experience with Dojo?

Does anyone have any experience with leveraging Dojo (http://dojotoolkit.org/
) on a production app?

We prototyping an open source survey service and using the Dojo js
framework; we're questioning our choice.

Any words of wisdom?

Thanks in advance,

9 Feb 2008 - 5:18pm
Mark Schraad

Charles Owen and design thinking

Charles Owen and design thinking

Unless you have been under a rock lately you know that the
collaboration between IIT/ID and the Rotman school of business has
created a dynamic and ground breaking partnership that has
aggressively advance the worth and recognition of what we do as

9 Feb 2008 - 12:35pm
8 years ago
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Pietro Bassi

Boolean AND & OR in a graphical user interface

Hi everybody,
let me introduce myself: I'm studying Interaction Design in Rome, and
I've been a lurker of this list for about a year.

My question is: what's the best (most intuitive and effective) way to
represent Boolean AND and OR operators in a GUI, in your opinion?

Some background information: the user is not familiar with Boolean
logic, and he needs to choose from a closed set of about 10 different
options, combining those options with AND and OR logical operators.

Any examples or ideas?

I hope my question doesn't sound too silly. Thanks in advance for your help.


8 Feb 2008 - 8:11pm
Dee Montero

Interaction Designer at Cooper, San Francisco, CA




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We work with clients large and small all over the world.

8 Feb 2008 - 5:18pm
8 years ago
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Greg Petroff


So IxDA's first conference is off and running. You can follow the action
at the crowdvine site or through Twitter.

Crowdvine: http://interaction08.crowdvine.com/

Twitter: @interaction08

Flickr: interaction08


8 Feb 2008 - 1:07pm
Nicholas Iozzo

Job: Principal User Experience Architect at TandemSeven

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Principal User Experience Architect
Tandemseven is a privately held, self-financed consulting company that designs and architects business portals and custom e-business applications. We specialize in creating, usable, intuitive interfaces for complex applications.
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