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21 May 2008 - 12:16pm
8 years ago
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Brooke Baldwin

Need Suggestions for 2-D Display of 3-D Quantitive Data

Hi folks, I need a little help here.

I'm trying to design a grid display (table of numerical data) that really
has a dataset more appropriate for a three-dimensional display. But I'm
constrained to two axis. This is a web application were the user's
preference is to see whole numbers indicating quantity.

I've been pouring over Tufte and not found anything that really meets my
needs yet. Help!


21 May 2008 - 11:44am

Another Flash-FLEX question - design books?

I promise this isn't related to my previous Flash question - just coincidence.

Are there books people would recommend that talk about how to create
good designs in Flash/FLEX. For example, there appear to be
particular ways one has to work with CSS to get the effect one might
want. And there is a particular widget set that has certain
affordances, some of which seem better than others. I'm looking more
for some "how to" and "best practices" information than I am general
design pattern type stuff. But I'll take what I can get.

Thanks in advance,

21 May 2008 - 11:17am
Janet M. Six

[local][EVENT] First Dallas/Fort Worth F2F this Friday


This is a friendly reminder that the Dallas/Fort Worth local IxDA
group is having its first F2F social event this Friday, May 23rd.

7400 N. MacArthur Blvd. (SE corner of MacArthur Blvd. and Kinwest
Parkway, and just north of Highway 161)
Las Colinas, TX 75063
(214) 574-4111

*FROM THE LBJ FREEWAY (I-635):* Take the MacArthur Blvd. exit going
south and continue to Kinwest Parkway.

21 May 2008 - 10:27am
8 years ago
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Caroline Jarrett

Asking questions to participants in a positiveor negative way ?

From: "chiwah liu" <chiwah.liu at gmail.com>
: I don't know if I am right, but for me, the "neutral" option depends on the
: number of users :
: - If we don't have enough user to reach a statistical significance (let's
: say less than 100 users) for our survey, we should add a "neutral" option.
: The users who don't have any idea can bias the survey.
: - Now if we have enough user to reach a statistical sig

21 May 2008 - 9:11am
8 years ago
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Paul Sherman

Looking for upcoming UX conferences in NorthAmerica and Europe

Usability Professionals' Association 2008 Conference
Baltimore, MD USA
June 16-20

UPA Europe 2008
Turin, Italy
December 4-6

21 May 2008 - 9:11am
8 years ago
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Dan Saffer

The Continuing Saga of OLPC

It's been a weird week for the One Laptop Per Child project, and I'm
surprised we didn't discuss it here.

First was the news that:

Nicholas Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child organization admitted
defeat in its effort to sell millions of open-source computers in
Asia, Africa and Latin America by joining with Microsoft to load
Windows XP onto its green and white laptops.

21 May 2008 - 8:32am
8 years ago
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Is a Flash-intro to a personal portfolio still good/relevant?

Let's assume that you've done the proper work to provide a "Skip
Intro" button. Let's further assume that you've done at least the
minimum to make your content accessible to people without the Flash

The question I ask, then, is: does having a Flash intro to a personal
site, which may include one's portfolio or resume, make sense in
today's job market and design environment?

21 May 2008 - 1:52am
Itamar Medeiros

IxDA Shanghai updates: website and next meeting!

I'm very pleased to inform our website (http://www.ixda.org.cn/sh/) is
up! We'll be posting the updates of our local community there --
recaps of previous face-to-face meetings, job postings, upcoming
events, resources sharing --, so go check some pictures of our last

I would like to also inform about our next Face-to-Face meeting:

May 27h 2008, 7:00PM

Autodesk China Research and Development Center
399 Pu Dian Road, Pudong New District,
Shanghai, 200122, P.R.

21 May 2008 - 1:37am
8 years ago
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Dante Murphy

Content inventory link ID numbering conventions

I always use 0.0 for the Home page. If there is another state of the home page (logged in, or admin user, etc.) I might use 0.1 or 0.2. Sometimes I will also give a global page a 0.x number, like Search Results, since this doesn't belong to any content category.

x.0 maps to a category page. Not all category pages have children.

x.x maps to a child page.

Most often, I will only go to a third level if there is a process embedded in a child page, like submitting a form or completing a purchase.

20 May 2008 - 3:49pm
8 years ago
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Jeffrey D. Gimzek

iXda badge

didnt someone make some iXda badges to put up on one's site to link to
iXda.org ?

If not, I am going to do some, so speak up if you can save me 20
minutes !


- -

Jeffrey D. Gimzek | Senior User Experience Designer