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24 Jun 2008 - 10:40am
8 years ago
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Doug Fox

Using Laban Movement Analysis for Interaction Design

As the number of gesture, movement and body-based interfaces increases, it
strikes me that there is a need for documenting and analyzing these
interactions from a body-centric perspective.

Yet, I can find very few instances where a somatic or movement analysis
and notation system such as Laban Movement Analysis is used to better
understand these interactions.

24 Jun 2008 - 10:18am
Chung Ng

JOB: ROKKAN's looking for UX/IA/ID: Jr and Sr. Fultime and Freelance in Soho NY

Hey All,

Want to work on accounts such as Virgin America, NBA, 2K Games, application
ux development and numerous other larger web projects. Check out

ROKKAN, a New York City based interactive agency, is looking for Jr./Sr.
full-time and freelance Information Architects. As a candidate, should have
1-3+ years experience expertise in architecting websites. You will be
responsible for developing high level site flow diagrams, use cases,
competitive analysis, usability studies and creating UI wire frames.

24 Jun 2008 - 10:08am
dani malik


Hello friends-

For our July event we're turning the tables and looking to you, our
San Francisco community, to supply the content. The event is called
VizFarm, and it will feature data visualizations in short 5 minute
bursts from our community. What have you been up to lately? Let us
take a look!

[IxDA-SF presents] VizFarm: CALL FOR PROPOSALS

As people and businesses increasingly need to understand and evaluate
vast amounts of information, information visualization has moved from
a research topic to a mainstream technique.

24 Jun 2008 - 9:51am
8 years ago
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Relocating - Was: Importance of Masters Degree for IxD Professionals

Hi Allison,

Thought I'd chime in here also as I am in a similar boat to Adam (with
looking at an advanced degree to further my interest in the field). I too
would have to relocate my entire family, wife and kids, in order to pursue
an advanced degree at a school worth going to.

Relocating for a job is a lot different than relocating for school. For a
job, there would be relocation assistance from the company (I've already
interviewed a number of places who were willing to add a relocation package
into the deal).

24 Jun 2008 - 7:40am
Michele Marut

Event recap

Many thanks to Fit Associates Marc Rettig, Jenna Date, and Dana Pruszynski
for hosting and presenting the IXDA Pittsburgh June Meeting on June 18.
With approximately 30 attendees, this event had the highest turnout for IxDA
Pittsburgh. Jenna and Marc engaged the audience in how nurturing client and
team relationships improves designs and creates ripples that go beyond the
single project.

24 Jun 2008 - 7:17am
8 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Jonas Lowgren on Aesthetics in Interaction Design

Jonas Lowgren a prof of IxD @ Malmo posted this article on aesthetics
in IxD earlier this month.
Check it out! I like his issues, but hoped he would have gone deeper
into actually describing qualities of interaction aesthetics more.


--d ave

David Malouf

24 Jun 2008 - 4:30am
Bonnie E. John

Opportunity to switch to academia and give back to HCI/IxDA community


If you've every thought that newcomers to HCI/IxDA could benefit from
your experience, perhaps you might consider directing the Masters in
HCI Program at Carnegie Mellon University. I've been doing it for 11
years and it's time for me to pass the baton and get back to more
research, so CMU is looking to hire a new Director. I can tell you that
our students and alumni are exciting, diverse, mature, smart as all
get-out, and generally wonderful people to be around.

23 Jun 2008 - 11:25pm
Amber Lindholm


Design Research Conference, IIT Institute of Design
Chicago, Illinois, September 19-20, 2008

We are happy to announce registration is now open for the seventh
annual IIT Institute of Design's Design Research Conference (DRC) to
be held September 19-20, 2008 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in

23 Jun 2008 - 10:39pm
8 years ago
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Is UCD Really Broken?

I've been following the frequent allusions to Google, 37signals, Facebook,
et al (including Jared Spool's presentation) as evidence that UCD is somehow
broken with interest. There's no debating that these products have been
successful, but it is also worth considering that they are the exception,
not the rule.

23 Jun 2008 - 5:39pm
8 years ago
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IxDA Curriculum (Was: Importance of, Masters Degree for IxD Professionals)

I don't usually post on this list, but I couldn't help noticing this
post and felt an urge to respond...

I take issue with Dan using Jared's abstract in the way he did. First,
the abstract for such a conference keynote is often meant to be
controversial so as to attract an audience. Jared knows this quite well
as he also uses it to attract folks to his company's services and annual
"conference." But, more importantly it is improper to quote it and take
a particularly important word out of the first sentence.